*Toward the day the dying…

Toward the day the dying stops!
DoneZone sent me this useful article about the safe-injection site which opened in Vancouver on Monday.

It’s designed to give drug users a safer alternative to shooting up in dark and dirty alleys in the Downtown Eastside.
Vancouver’s chief medical health officer, Dr. John Blatherwick, says critics opposed to the site need to look at the bigger picture.
“The reason people should care is people are dying.”

Naturally, the U.S. Drug Czar is butting in with uninformed opinion:

“I think that the advocates of this have to twist the truth”

This from the ultimate truth twister. Why does the Canadian media continue to even include quotes from him about their policies?
If you’re interested in the research behind the site, check out this study (pdf). Also, UNDUN: Unified Networkers of Drug Users Nationally is worth a look.
Update: Check out today’s post at Rehash for more on this.
Another Update: Doug has a response to John Walters.

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