*This just makes me mad*

This just makes me mad
A picture named ashcroft.gifJohn Ashcroft is at it again.
Ashcroft not only wants to be your Attorney General. He wants to be your prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner. The latest is a memo to all federal prosecutors requiring them to seek the greatest possible sentence in all cases, including any sentencing enhancements that might apply, reducing any discretion related to the individual case. This means that the small fish who has no information to give prosecutors gets the book thrown at him or her.
Keep in mind that this will cost a lot of money. Prison time. Trials instead of plea bargains. Lots of money.
Ashcroft is continuing his attempts to make the judiciary branch irrelevant. He has been working steadily to tie the hands of judges. Yesterday, Supreme Court Justice
Breyer spoke out against mandatory minimums (something Justice Kennedy did last month).
All above links from the fabulous TalkLeft, which is all over this today.

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