*Stupid Drug War Tricks*

Stupid Drug War Tricks
Jeff at RandomActOfKindness is much more alert to local Illinois news than I am and he found these gems/outrages. Check them out.
bullet imageSorry, we didn’t mean to include ourselves. Officials in Colfax, Illinois voted to drug test all city employees. When they realized that would include the board members, they voted to exempt themselves. What few consider is that, except in safety critical occupations, drug testing is ineffective, often counter-productive, and insulting. And drug testing schemes do not test for workplace impairment. If I was a Colfax city employee, I would deliver my clean urine sample to each of the board members individually, along with my resignation.
bullet imageSorry, we need some more cars. A drug sting in Chicago netted 205 arrests and 81 impounded vehicles. If police have nothing better to do than go around selling pot, they should at least tell the customers how expensive it is. “40 bucks, a misdemeanor and my car? Hmmm, I think I’ll keep shopping, thanks.”
bullet imageSorry, wrong address. This one is just too funny, horrible, stupid and sad. Read it.

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