*More on Prosecutorial Abuse*

More on Prosecutorial Abuse
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I’ve already ranted a bit on prosecutorial misconduct on this blog – one of my pet peeves. Via MAP, there is an interesting article at the Orange County Register: “The other destructive trial lawyers: Rogue prosecutors with a big bag of dirty tricks take huge toll around U.S.” (free registration required) by Michael Arnold Glueck, M.D., and Robert J. Cihak, M.D.

We hear a lot about the excesses of private practice trial lawyers. But another group of trial lawyers has been left alone to go about their dirty work with few restrictions – and all at taxpayers’ expense. And their abuse isn’t just a taxpayer issue; it should also be seen as a justice issue, a privacy issue and a civil liberties issue.
We refer to government prosecutors who abuse their positions to further their careers and power while spending your money. They use high-publicity cases, such as those involving the hot “drug du jour” such as OxyContin, as career steppingstones on the backs of the defendants, instead of serving the public or justice.
A recent study by the Center for Public Integrity found that prosecutors stretched, bent or broke rules so badly that appeals court judges have dismissed criminal charges, reversed convictions or reduced sentences in more than 2,000 cases since 1970.

(note: The Center for Public Integrity study referenced is Harmful Error: Investigating America’s Local Prosecutors.)
The article also mentions that a new group is being formed called the Coalition Against Prosecutorial Abuse. I’ll report more on their activities as I get information.

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