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Around the Web
bullet imageA nice OpEd in the Harvard Crimson, by Dr. Lester Grinspoon:

I was concerned that so many young people were using the terribly dangerous drug marijuana, so I decided to review the medical and scientific literature on the substance and write a reasonably objective and scientifically sound paper on its dangers.æ Young people were ignoring the warnings of the government, but perhaps some would seriously consider a well-documented review of the available data.æ As I began to explore the literature, I discovered, to my astonishment, that I had to seriously question my own understanding.æ What I thought I knew was based largely on myths, old and new.æ I realized how little my training in science and medicine had protected me against this misinformation.æ I had become not just a victim of a disinformation campaign, but because I am a physician, one of its agents as well.

bullet imageYou thought we had it bad? Singapore is relenting to pressure and is decriminalizing chewing gum (as long as you have a doctor’s prescription).

Until recently, the penalty for being caught with a stick of gum in Singapore was $6,000 and 12 months in jail.

Singapore is a great example of the kind of society you get with law and order taken to the extreme.
bullet imageThis week’s Drug War Chronicle has some good stuff. Check out the corrupt cop of the week and current action alerts.
bullet imageSpeaking of corrupt cops, nine Illinois officers arrested for ripping off drug dealers, via TalkLeft, which also notes that Tommy Chong may appeal his sentence on the grounds that the judge based the sentence on “the character he played and not the person he is.” TalkLeft also points out this interesting item which indicates that MADD may have stepped beyond its original mission into prohibition activities (Walter in Denver has more.)
bullet imageLast One Speaks continues with some nice pieces on bad science, bad economics, and bad foreign policy in the drug war.
bullet imageDesert Cat explains how an evangelical Christian can be against marijuana prohibition.
bullet imageMatrix Masters gives us more on the ecstasy study retractions. Also, be sure to check out this comprehensive page on the issue at MAPS, which provides tons of articles and letters and a full chronology.
bullet imageDrugSense has a wonderful opportunity to have your donation to their cause matched dollar for dollar. This would be a great way to give a little in the cause against the drug war. DrugSense and MAP provide an extraordinarily important service — the MAP archives themselves are an indispensable tool for those of us fighting the drug war cheerleaders.
bullet imageDrug Policy Alliance releases a new State of the States report detailing drug reform activities in the states, including over 150 changes in state legislation from 1996-2002.

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