*Can someone explain this?*

Can someone explain this?
On the DEA website, there is a Drug Intelligence Brief titled: “Area Codes: Frequently Asked Questions (June 2003)”.
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After giving a page of general information about how area codes work, and how they’re assigned to different geographic regions, etc., the credits at the bottom note that “This report was prepared by the DEA Intelligence Division, Office of Strategic Intelligence, Domestic Strategic Intelligence Unit and the Dangerous Drugs Strategic Intelligence Unit.”
I’m having a hard time here. Is this really the DEA’s idea of an intelligence briefing? Is the concept of an intelligence briefing given by the DEA an oxymoron? Do they believe that drug dealers are using area codes for some nefarious purpose? Is the DEA looking to take over long distance? Will Carrot-Top start urging us to dial 1-800-CALL-DEA?
Or, perhaps, the DEA is just panicked that when we run out of area codes it will be harder to keep track of the citizens it wants to control.

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