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January 2013
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U.S. and INCB lose battle to coca!

Yeah, you heard that right.

The United States lost a drug war battle in the UNODC.

Phillip Smith at

Bolivia will rejoin the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs after its bid to rejoin with a reservation that it does not accept the treaty’s requirement that “coca leaf chewing must be banned” was successful […]

Is David Frum a harbinger of Idiocracy?

Conor Friedersdorf has a delightful retort to David Frum’s nonsensical article that we discussed here.

Would Legalizing Marijuana Be Too Hard on Simpletons?”

Conor takes apart Frum’s seeming need for simple social rules like “Just Say No,” and points out that the Project SAM approach isn’t about simplicity at all.

There are several problems with […]

Oh, Cliff, how we’ve missed you

We’ve made fun in the past of Cliff Kinkaide, a rabid, foaming at the mouth conservative prohibitionist writing at the ironically-named “Accuracy in Media.”

Unfortunately, Cliff has been relatively silent about drug policy for some time (I subscribe to his RSS feed), but the new Patrick Kennedy nonsense and Project SAM has brought Cliff out […]

Welcome to the national conversation, Gil

Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske responds to the latest petitions regarding legalizing marijuana.

Thank you for participating in We the People and speaking out on the legalization of marijuana. Coming out of the recent election, it is clear that we’re in the midst of a serious national conversation about marijuana.

We’ve been in a serious national […]

Washington Post discusses economic case for heroin legalization

This is basic economics that we’ve been aware of, well, forever, but it’s rarely discussed in mainstream media regarding the drug war.

The economic case for decriminalizing heroin

Here’s the kicker: if drugs sold for that price after taxes in an environment where drugs are legalized, they’d still be cheaper than drugs sold on the […]

David Frum is looking for a benevolent prohibition genie to help raise his kids

David Frum’s latest — Marijuana use is too risky a choice — is probably his most bizarre yet.

I loved the fact that when I got to the article this morning, all I had to do was glance down at the comments and see all sorts of familiar commenters who hang out here properly taking […]

Our unJust-ice system

In our system of government, there are designated checks and balances designed to protect the individual from abuse, so that when one area fails, citizens can look to another branch. When it comes to the drug war, however, all bets are off.

Both the executive and legislative branches have been, for the most part, so […]

Site updates

I’ve done a bit of an update on the theme for the site. Please let me know if you see any problems.

I also have temporarily reactivated the edit comments function. Apparently, they fixed the bug in an update but the update didn’t actually show up in the numbered update (or something). So I deleted […]

Meet SAM

Wow. Talk about a dysfunctional new arrival to the scene.

Patrick Kennedy on Marijuana: Former Rep. Leads Campaign Against Legal Pot

Jan 5 (Reuters) – Retired Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy is taking aim at what he sees as knee-jerk support for marijuana legalization among his fellow liberals, in a project that carries special meaning […]

Good news: Arizona students making smart purchases

Study: 1 in 9 Arizona students got pot from medical marijuana cardholders

This is really great news. Marijuana use by school students in Arizona remained steady, and yet over 11% of the students who used pot now say they got their pot from medical marijuana users. And although that’s illegal, it sure is better than […]