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January 2013



Don’t forget about libraries

While I’ve always been a fan of libraries, I never spent much time in them, as I tended to like owning books and had computer access at home. Yet for much of the population, libraries are an incredibly important source of literary entertainment and non-TV news.

Local reader Gregg told me this week that he […]

The extreme of Legalization

Kevin Sabet, Patrick Kennedy and Project SAM have been trying to convince the public that there’s a false dichotomy pitting the “simplistic” options of incarceration vs. legalization, when, in fact, there should be some kind of moderate third way between those.

They act like “legalization” is the scary extreme point of chaos and anarchy at […]

Legalization’s Biggest Enemies

Krysten Gwynne in Rolling Stone: Meet the drug warriors working to roll back hard-won advances in marijuana policy.

Kevin Sabet Mel and Betty Sembler Michele Leonhart Gil Kerlikowske David Frum

Kevin is going to be insufferably gleeful over this.

Regarding the evidence on pot-smoking making you stupid…

Mark Kleiman is 100% correct.

The House I Live In

Programming note: Eugene Jarecki’s documentary about over-incarceration in the United States and the drug war is the video of the week on iTunes and so is available this week only for a 99 cent rental.

The House I Live In

As America remains embroiled in conflict overseas, a less visible war is taking place at […]

Prosecutorial abuse

Glenn Greenwald continues to be one of the most important political writers we have, shining a glaring light on the corruption, abuses, and overreach of government. Today he talks about the Aaron Swartz case, but even more importantly, the overall stench that runs throughout our Justice system when it comes to prosecutorial abuse.

Carmen Ortiz […]

It’s the real thing

Ricardo Cortés discusses The condemned coca leaf and the two standards that have existed: One for a major soft drink, another for the native people of South America.

You see, the Single Convention was adopted after years of negotiations led in great part by Harry J. Anslinger, long-time commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. […]

Must-read letter to the President

Molly Davies: A Letter to the President: My Husband Is Not the “Bigger Fish to Fry” in Your Drug War

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to you as a wife and mother of two young daughters, whose 34-year old husband, Matthew Davies, faces 10 years or more in federal prison for providing medical marijuana […]

A new perspective

Don’t think I’ve heard this one before…

Miss America Contestant Opposes All Marijuana Use That Isn’t Recreational or Medicinal

… OK. Interesting wording choice.

Or as the gawker article wryly notes:

Finally, someone willing to stand up to the hemp-rope-industrial-complex.

Odds and Ends

So much talk and so many articles out there about the Project SAM nonsense. It seems that most people are somewhat skeptical about the ridiculous supposed “new direction” of no incarceration and yet no legalization. All it is, of course, is a weak variation on decrim that still focuses on law enforcement harrassing those […]