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I’ve done a bit of an update on the theme for the site. Please let me know if you see any problems.

I also have temporarily reactivated the edit comments function. Apparently, they fixed the bug in an update but the update didn’t actually show up in the numbered update (or something). So I deleted the plug-in and re-installed the newest one in the hopes that it would be the correct version.

Again, let me know if the editing function or comments in general show any problems. If we still have the problem, I’ll have to shut it off again, but at least we know they’re aware of the problem.

Update: Same problem, apparently. Annoying. I’ll deactivate and wait for the next update. If anyone has any connections with the folks at and can light a fire under them to get Ajax Edit Comments fixed, I’d appreciate it. Alternately, if someone knows another reliable comment editing plug-in for WordPress, let me know.

Further Update: New version of the plugin has been released. Let’s try it again.

Folks, I will not have the level of incivility that has shown up in a few comments in the past couple of days. Infighting with name-calling gets us nowhere. Disagreements with reasoned responses are welcomed and strongly encouraged.

If someone comes on the site and breaks that rule, I expect you to not reply in kind. This is a great group that I admire. Please keep it an enjoyable experience for all.


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12 Responses to Site updates

  1. claygooding says:


  2. thelbert says:

    point taken, Pete. i think we are on a roll, we have regained a small portion of our natural rights. no need to get excited. just sit back and observe the gov’t policy crumble. overgrow the government, brothers and sisters and have a happy year.

  3. claygooding says:

    Couldn’t get the edit to load,,the screen came up and “loading” showed up at the bottom of the edit screen but text and my name never filled in,,,hope that helps.

  4. darkcycle says:

    Sorry, Pete, the return of the edit function could go a long way to prevent me from posting (non contributory) obscenity. It burns me when people presume to know what another person thinks or believes. I said my piece and I got out, I didn’t rage on. But it won’t happen again. Apologies. Can we get back in the ‘fridge now?

    • Duncan20903 says:


      A private message feature would go a lot further. I’ve no doubt that the edit function helps but a 5 minute editing window doesn’t really give enough time for the poster to have second thoughts.

  5. darkcycle says:

    Naw, still wonky, Pete. My name is full of error messages, and it won’t call my comment back to edit. here’s what I get in my name field:
    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/drugwarrant/ on line 470 and defined in /home/drugwarrant/ on line 990
    January 6, 2013 at 9:15 pm · Reply

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/drugwarrant/ on line 470 and defined in /home/drugwarrant/ on line 990

    • allan says:

      yep, that’s what it did before… waaah…

      and as to that other point, we have enough to overcome and stay busy with for now, it be best to save the BS for the victory dance. I mean folks need to recognize their tendencies and deal accordingly. Either that or staple notes to their foreheads…

  6. War Vet says:

    Sorry Pete. I just get frustrated with people who don’t believe (and short change my views because of it) that I worked in a CIA military prison in Baghdad that housed drug dealers belonging to Latin America, Nigeria and the Russian and Italian Mafia (you really think I expected to see the cast of the Godfather and Scarface in my Baghdad Prison?) and who don’t respect me when I connect the CSA (and U.N.) laws to treason and 9/11 (maybe 1993 was an inside job too –why would rich Saudis want to harm us when our stability means we drink and buy more of their oil, which creates more power for them?). If I want to call some politician a Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer, it’s because it’s legally valid (how is it not Pete or anyone reading this?) . . . terrorist attacks happened to America and her embassies and military in the 1980’s and 90’s . . . it is well documented that the Civil War in Lebanon utilizes drug money (200 odd dead U.S. Marines?) . . . that Hezbollah etc use drug money, which to me is treason since it’s known that terrorists use drug money and drug money can only exist if the CSA and 1961 U.N. Single Law exists (the time of being ignorant left the day after 9/11 was connected to terrorism –based on the fact terrorism had happened before and it was known that past attacks were funded with drug money). In philosophy Pete, (something you probably know about) there is a change in thinking called a Paradigm Shift. The war on drugs is insane because it expects different results from the same activity . . . likewise I think those who fight the drug war can at time be caught chasing their own tails –going in circles by approaching it the same way time and time again. A Paradigm Shift (for an example, though a bad example) would be like discovering that the world was flat and not round, which would change our thinking completely and change much of our math and science and even culture and religions. My Paradigm Shift would be to focus the ending the War on Drugs on 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, the recession –all created by the war on drugs (so how would not a long expensive war not help create the recession? Soviet Union anyone.) and not focus on cancer patients or States Rights or more black youth going to jail than white etc over drugs. I think that Officer John (and even the politician) would be more willing to quit arresting people for meth if he discovered that it was his job that created 9/11 and the dead U.S. soldier he has to escort and keep the Topeka, KS church away from . . . that it was his job that made it where his school teacher wife either lost her job, forced early retirement or had to teach a larger class (budget cuts) . . . that it was his job that created Benghazi . . . 2008 Paris France Terrorist warning (bombs with no dets –a big ass warning –get the hell out of Afghanistan France!) . . . that it was Officer John’s job that created the Fort Hood shooting (since a drug money successful Militant Islam would encourage a soldier to kill his own . . . had there been no drug money, the terrorist would earn it much dirtier or be greatly foiled in their attempts and plots, thus hindering the possibility of the Major having access to Awlaki’s speeches, which he claims influenced him). Of course Pete, Duncan pushed me off the teeter-totter first –I didn’t mean push him back and force him to eat bubble gum off of the bottom of the couch . . . I should have remembered: Sticks and Stones will break my bones etc.

    And Duncan, I don’t care if you read my posts or not . . . what you said was very rude and lacked a logical explanation as to why I’m a ‘know nothing’ when I’ve clearly got years of real world experience and books under my belt (more than you even –unless you can say “I went to war –and aged much more than my civilian peers”) . . . just because you don’t read any DEA or CIA or Al Jazerra, or U.N. or War College or NY Times articles and documents, doesn’t negate the facts I dish out. I don’t speak Japanese either Duncan, does that mean it’s not a real language? I speak for the American people who witnessed a 9/11 and then a huge bad recession . . . I don’t want my people to scratch their heads and ask why or who can fix it –I want my people to trace back cause and effect and demand a Paradigm Shift in the war on drugs. How has calling such politicians, hypocrites working out for you? Maybe we need harsher names that the American people will understand through law (treason is illegal), history (drug money 9/11) and logic (CSA created the drug black market). Every American expects some form of fraud and hypocrisy found in the politician –but none expect treason. If you obey the drug laws and you know drugs finance criminals and terrorists (and wouldn’t if it was legal), you are committing a treasonous crime akin to conspiracy and sabotage. (Sorry Pete, I just had to get my last two cents in . . . the war on drugs is my own tourette’s syndrome and no one has my authority to make fun of me for the way I fight it).

    • We are on the same team, WarVet.

      Save the decapitations for the enemy.

    • primus says:

      WV: I have read and tried to read your postings. This is the most coherent, readable intelligent post you have made. Keep up the improvements, you will be heard, you are among friends.

    • Byddaf yn egluro: says:

      “If you obey the drug laws and you know drugs finance criminals and terrorists (and wouldn’t if it was legal), you are committing a treasonous crime akin to conspiracy and sabotage.”

      Well said, sir, well said!

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