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September 2012



Odds and Ends

bullet image Seven Sensational Drug Documentaries

bullet image Romney Fat Cat’s Reefer Madness – Maia Szalavitz shines a light on the Semblers.

bullet image Seattle Times Editorial: Approve Initiative 502 – It’s time to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana.

bullet image Tweets.

Kevin Sabet: In the South Bronx, 76 of cigarette packs collected avoided the combined NYC and State tax. Legalization doesn’t work.

Pete Guither: @KevinSabet EVEN in the poor S. Bronx, portion of packs collected tax and rest were less-violent gray, not black market. Legalization works.

bullet image Why legalizing marijuana is a bad idea – the Baker Institute Blog continues its legalization series with a very weak argument by Joan Neuhaus Schaan.

bullet image A war that should end A Mennonite calls for Christians to support ending the war on drugs.

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42 comments to Odds and Ends

  • darkcycle

    Okay. It just started snowing in hell. Tom Tancredo has come out FOR Amendment 64. Yes. That’s exactly what I said. Allan, close yer mouth, sumthin’ might fly in…

    • darkcycle

      Guys, I think I’m blocked. Sabet doesn’t like me very much. I’ve tried four times to get my comment to come up. Maybe the rest of you folks are cleared. Light ‘im up.

      • claygooding

        Only one post of mine is showing on my page and it is awaiting moderation.

      • divadab

        Done – I got through but “awaiting moderation” which means they have not yet identified me as someone with unacceptable views to be suppressed, but are keeping me out just in case. Fascist bastards. I bet they burn books too – oh ya – they just confiscate books that contain information on how to grow cannabis for yourself as “paraphernalia”.

        And suppress free speech. Is Sabet a Communist name? Was he East German Stasi in a prior life? He sure acts like one.

      • Duncan20903

        Don’t feel singled out DC. It appears my comment isn’t going to post. I really doubt that it’s a blacklist though. I believe my post was sent to the moderator where it will sit very patiently awaiting for that blog to hire one. I’ve really got to hit the thesaurus and come up with a more socially acceptable way to say “bald faced lie” and “bald faced liar”.

  • darkcycle

    Okay, here’s the comment that is being blocked. I tried it at least four times, and Mike Parent tried it once. Bastards may have shut off comments completely.
    “”If there is a thriving black market for tobacco, where is the associated VIOLENCE? Where are the tobacco cartels? Why aren’t the employees of R.J. Reynolds killing the employees of American Tobacco?
    Alcohol’s association with aggression and abuse is well documented. Marijuana use is not associated with those things. A pothead is only dangerous to a bag of Oreo’s.
    As to the medicalization of pot, I thought the subject was LEGALIZATION FOR ADULT RECREATIONAL USE. But okay, if you must go there… There are a wide variety of extracts and tinctures to choose from in your local Medical Marijuana Dispensary. However, many doctors (and patients) find that the WHOLE PLANT is far more effective. If this is the case, then they should have the right to prescribe the form of the medication that they find to be appropriate. No one should smoke. It’s bad for you. There are vaporizers and other methods of ingesting that are recommended in place of smoking.
    Oh, and one in SEVEN people who drink will become dependent. And alcohol dependence has well documented health costs that marijuana doesn’t. Yet we don’t prohibit alcohol. Why? because we tried that and found the SOCIAL COSTS OF PROHIBITING ALCOHOL GREATLY OUTWEIGHED THE COSTS OF REGULATING IT.
    Sorry, no winner. Thank you. Please play again”

    • stlgonzo

      I tried to copy that and post it up there. It is not published…..

    • Francis

      That is a brilliant response, darkcycle! Very nicely stated. I do have one quibble. Kevin, please DON’T play again. You lose every time, and frankly it’s getting tiresome. I’d say it’s time for you to hang up your cleats — or I guess in your case, jackboots.

  • HotGirl

    Why do no women comment here?
    Limp dicked potheads who can’t get dates do not a decent conversation make

    • claygooding

      I think we are being Sabetized from this poster,,he looks as if he would drag queen right out.

    • Liam

      Teach not thy lip such scorn, for it was made for kissing, lady, not for such contempt.

      William Shakespeare

    • thelbert

      excellent observation. yet, you couldn’t refrain from commenting. you are losing the war. stop whining and get used to reality.

    • darkcycle

      Baiting? With this? HERE? *laughter* You know, I HAVEN’T had a date in years! Now that I think about it….. Pardon me while I ask my hot, PhD wife why I can’t get a date.

    • Maria


      Is all I’m going to say to that one.

      • no doubt Maria, no doubt…

        I’d really have to stretch my mind to think if I’ve ever dated a woman that didn’t smoke herb… and I KNOW I’ve never dated a woman that thought less of me for being a cannabist.

        I’d even go so far as to say that pot in the bedroom is darn near as natural as sex itself…

        besides… anyone taking on the moniker of “hot girl” prolly ain’t. A friend pointed out that as a former limbaugh-listening type Republican, he’ll vouch that Electile Dysfunction drugs are heavily advertised on that side’s media outlets.

        I personally like Margaret Cho’s line on that topic…

      • Windy

        Right there with you Maria. Meh!

    • mr Ikesheeny

      Are you Ann Romney.

  • nick

    You should start your own TV series called “Kevin & Pete, Best Friends” After his logic fails, Kevin can bury his head in the sand and you can repeatedly kick his ass. I’d watch that.

  • divadab

    Here’s my “comment awaiting moderation”:

    Of course Sabet is in favor of maintaining cannabis prohibition – he makes his living as a spokesman for cannabis prohibition. We citizens have to fight this government-funded careerist (who advocates putting us in jail for non-crimes) on our own dime and in our own time while he collects a fat paycheck funded with OUR MONEY!

    The prohibitionist gravy train will soon end due to its evil unaffordability but in the mean time keep fighting! Soon Sabet and his lying ilk will have to do some real useful work instead of providing sophistry in support of unjust dominion.

  • Peter

    sembler adelson romney natanyahu. this is ahuge story

    • cy Klebs

      Won’t curry much favor with the Larouch people I reckon. Seems like a very compelling case for keeping straight incorporated out of the white house!

  • Duncan20903


    The last time I checked the Native Americans lands are considered sovereign nations. Sales of tobacco on the soil of these sovereign nations aren’t subject to State and local taxes imposed by jurisdictions in the United States. The Native American countries that are in or near New York State can legally sell tobacco products without paying the taxes. How many of Mr. Sabet’s 76 cigarette packs had tax stamps from other States vs no tax stamp at all? Just the absence of tax stamps does not in and of itself prove that the cigarettes were sold in the grey market. Tax stamps from Virginia or other low tax States would be more compelling, but it’s still laughably absurd to claim that a guy who buys cartons of cigarettes in Virginia and resells them outside of New York City bodegas is the same stripe of dangerous as are those who participate in the wholesale distribution chain of substances on the naughty lists.

    Once again we have a lame prohibitionist claiming that because we can’t completely eliminate any black market activity that we may as well continue to support ceding the market to criminal sociopaths. It’s really sad to see people like Mr. Sabet taken seriously rather than treated as the laughing stock as he should rightfully be. We need not achieve perfection to make serious improvements in our lives.

  • darkcycle

    Kevin Sabet has gone down hill. Seems it used to be I had to actually think in order to counter his formerly finely-spun bullshit. Now, I just have to trot out the same old responses I use for everyday, pedestrian sorts of prohibitionists. Sad. Does it seem to anybody else his efforts of the recent month or two have deteriorated? Could it be his heart is no longer in it? Even his trolls are “just phoning it in”. Maybe time for a little vacation, Eh, Kevvie? Get yourself rested and come back when you’re back on your game.

  • Maria

    I wonder what Mr. Sabet thinks of the Kinder Egg black market?

    • claygooding

      It just tickles the shit out of me that Marinol or any other synthetic marijuana pill has ever developed a black market,,and it must really disappoint the companies making them.

  • WatchinItCrumble

    I thought drug warriors always published over the top street value numbers as some sort of “looky here” metric. And the street value of those 76 packs of cigs were?

  • claygooding

    Looks like they hired a moderator,,seeing our posts now,,and still no support for Kevin Goebbels Sabet.

  • Byddaf yn egluro:

    Mr Sabet, the existential despair you’re feeling is very common among people who finally realize the utter futility and destructiveness of their entire life’s work. But even in your deepest moments of anguish and utter hopelessness, it is still possible for you to emerge to find a sense of peace and a painless conclusion to your suffering. In this day and age we have great means to alleviate mental or physical pain, even compared to just five years ago —Kevin, we mildly implore you to consider a less permanent and devastating solution than the one you must now be surely considering.

  • darkcycle

    Incredible. Fearsome. Epic.
    You folks are all of that and more. I posted one name and a link. And the fur ball started.
    Kevin Sabet has got to be hating us right now. Even Vivian McPeak showed up to throw a punch or two (thanks, Viv, and if you’re out there, sorry about our last exchange, my bad).
    We are a juggernaut. This is our web. We own this shit.

    • and ditto to that – a hearty Aaarrr! to all ye.

      darkcycle, your descriptive salute makes all these years of LTE slinging and wwweb jousting seem a whole lot more worthwhile.

      Slowly, methodically, factually and mostly compassionately (sorry Kev-Kev), all our efforts have reached a point where we’ve managed to rise above the Prohihibitionist Harpies’ wailings. People out there are realizing we haven’t just been making this shit up.

  • kaptinemo

    Gonna need a lot of sawdust to mop up the rhetorical blood “Doctor” Sabet has lost from crossing swords with supposedly ‘stupid stoners’.

    Rule One of a propagandist is that they shouldn’t believe their own BS.

    Rule Two is that when confronted with people who know it’s BS, a rapid retreat is in order.

    Rule Three is that the speed of the rapid retreat is usually in direct proportion with the degree of anger that has been aroused in the intended targets with such a p*ss-poor attempt at insulting their (considerable!) intelligence. Especially when it becomes known that the propagandist has consorted with child-torturing freaks in need of a jail cell, if not worse.

    Goebbels committed suicide (after murdering his own children) rather than have to ‘face the music’ for his support of the equally murderous regime that paid his bills. I doubt Kevin has the stones to ‘fall on his sword’ when the time comes…and it is coming friends, it is coming. Re-legalization is only the beginning. Policies, like elections, have consequences.

    Any Babylon 5 fans out there? Recall what Vir told the unctuous, slimy Shadow mouthpiece Mr. Morden what he’d like to see? A reminder for fans, and a taste of why I liked that show so much. Somehow, I doubt that will happen, here…but given all the people whose lives “Doctor” Sabet helped destroy with his support of prohibition, well, I’d settle for tar baths and feather rinses…and do note the plurals…

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