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May 2012
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Ooh, he had THC in his system… That means…

… essentially nothing.

Tweet of the day from Glenn Greenwald.

An extra cup of coffee is more likely to make someone unduly aggressive than trace amounts of THC

Maia Szalavitz in Time points out the absurdity of breathless media reports that Trayvon Martin had THC in his system:

Traces of Marijuana Found in Trayvon Martin’s […]

Drug Czar Follies

Wow. Gil is just getting more pathetic every day.

Study: More Than Half of Adult Male Arrestees Test Positive for at Least One Drug

On one side are those who suggest that drug legalization is the “silver bullet” solution to our nation’s drug problem. On the other are those who still believe that the “War […]

Who’s going to prison for getting high?

A little exchange over at the reality-based community

Brett: As long as Obama is putting people in prison for getting high, he is, unavoidably, an evil drug warrior. […] Mark: Of course, “putting people in prison for getting high” is utter fantasy. But I suppose that doesn’t matter to you…

I see what Mark’s doing […]

Congress has tunnels in their brains

So, our morons Congress have come up with a new law! Because there weren’t enough already.

You know how traffickers have been using tunnels (along with submarines, aircraft, corrupt TSA employees and just about any other device) to smuggle drugs into the country?

Well, Congress decided that the problem has been not that drug smuggling […]


Judge approves class action lawsuit over NYPD’s stop-and-frisk searches

A judge’s ruling Wednesday on a request to authorize a class action lawsuit over the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) use of “stop-and-frisk” searches could see more than 1 million people line up to file claims against the department for violating their constitutional rights.

While it’s […]

Everybody must be addicted

Several interesting articles about the upcoming revisions to psychiatry’s diagnostic manual, for the new DSM 5.

How Psychiatrists Make Drugs More Addictive by Jacob Sullum

The next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, scheduled to be published a year from now, is expected to include a looser definition of addiction that […]

The misguided reliance on banning

One of the things we need to do in this country is fight the long-established notion in the general public (and most especially in the lawmakers) that an effective way to deal with something we don’t like is to use the government to ban it.

The fact is that banning as an effective solution for […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Mom always reads Drug WarRant on Sundays. This post is for you, Mom!

Hope you have a great day.

And now, a judge

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