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  1. Peter says:

    im increasingly frustrated at pundits claiming a great civil rights breakthrough for obama on gay marriage and ignoring the biggotry of his drug policy. obviously no industry is making money persecuting gays, unlike those set up to profit from oppressing consumers of the wrong drugs. and wtf’s with biden being the midwife of obama’s new civil rights pose?

  2. Cold Blooded says:

    Biden is chaos incarnate. Maybe he’ll blurt out that he did a lot of drugs in college and once again become a catalyst for policy change.

    • Peter says:

      that would be some confession from the great drug warrior. i suspect though that hes always been a booze hound

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I knew a real estate agent who told me that she sold Mr. Biden’s home. She said she had a terrible time getting him to keep his skid marked skivvies out of sight. As a result, I think of skid marks every time his name is mentioned. Thanks for letting me share!

      “If we want historic change, we can either do it the president’s way, slowly, using cool, detached reason, or the vice president’s way, quickly using brainfarts,” [Bill] Maher suggested.
      “Oh Joe, would you please go on Meet the Press this week and say, ‘Should marijuana be legalized? I’m high right now!”

  3. the concern is trendy says:

    Dear Mom: in college I thought I was unique like everyone else and knew I was kicking against the machine on my macbook pro since no one else had one. Now I try communism since it is much safer and it is going to work this time because my generation is the best. I’m getting a Che shirt at Hot Topic and a Guy Fawkes mask courtesy of Warner Bros. Meet me at Starbucks so we can crush the state. Hee hee be back later I must make a Kony 2012 wristband so I can save Uganda!

    • Peter says:

      “the concern is trendy”
      Your brand of condescending patronization is what we get from Barack Obama and everyone else with an interest in maintaining the status quo. People like you will only admit that they are oppressed when they feel the boot on the back of their neck. In the drug war that usually means the arrest of you or your children. Tell us how trendy it is to be concerned then, will you?

      • darkcycle says:

        Relax, Peter, that’s our resident troll, Mr. Wiggles. He’s the village idiot here on Pete’s couch. Hiya Wiggles, I was wondering whether you got caught groping a nine year old or something. Welcome back.

  4. Duncan20903 says:

    …and to complete a nice one-two:

    Guest Commentary: Mothers and marijuana in Colorado
    Posted: 05/13/2012 01:00:00 AM MDT

    By Kirtley Ceballos

    Most importantly, from my perspective as a future parent, the initiative would establish a regulated system for the cultivation and sale of marijuana. This means that marijuana would be sold in stores in which employees would be required to check IDs before conducting any transaction.

    Taking the sale of marijuana out of the criminal market and putting it in the hands of state-regulated stores would be a dramatic improvement over the existing system. In fact, if your concern is the health and well-being of teens, it can be argued that we currently have the worst possible marijuana policies

  5. Duncan20903 says:


    Governor Hickenlooper thinks that the failure to pass the so called “per se” limits rises to the level of emergency and has called an emergency session of the Colorado Legislature. While not the primary reason for calling the session it’s still absurdity in the extreme.

    Enter the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, working in concert with organizations such as the Cannabis Business Association and the United Food and Commercial Workers. In a press release sent out yesterday evening under the auspices of MMIG executive director Michael Elliott, the organization announces members’ support of an entirely new bill — one that would establish “appropriate per se levels for all drugs, not just marijuana.” Regarding the latter, the THC impairment limit would be set at 15 nanograms — three times higher than the number in King’s bill, and a bit above the 13.5 nanograms Breathes registered in his aforementioned test.

    Never let it be said that there’s no compromise to the reality of the war on (some) drugs theoretical or in existence that some idiot pothead somewhere won’t object to.

  6. Cy Klebs says:

    Here is a job applicant survey where they ask questions to engineer fealty to prohib talking points. For example, Employee A had a bong hit at lunch and should be fired. There must of been 25 out of 101 of these leading questions design to enhance fealty to the war on us… https://www.ospe.biz/ospe/Survey.aspx

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