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December 2011



Oh, look! Another drug-free goal


The government needs more voluntary workers to complement its effort to fight drug abuse, said Sibu Municipal Council chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King.

Tiong said this would enable the nation to achieve its target of a drug-free society by year 2015 as envisioned by former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Good luck with that. Unless your plan includes the forced emigration of 28 million people, it ain’t gonna work.

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11 comments to Oh, look! Another drug-free goal

  • Sorry for being off topic, but felt I needed to point this out. Neurobonkers has done a fun “annotated case study” on some Daily Mail fearmongering, taking apart an article titled “Just ONE cannabis joint can bring on schizophrenia”.

  • Bryan S.

    If they were really talking about an epidemic of Drug Abuse… Of actual & literally “dangerous drugs”, they might get some sympathy.

    OTOH, if they equate ‘Drug Use’ with ‘Drug Abuse’ of say cannabis – (which they probably do per the 1961 UN Treaty) – then yeah, their gonna need either a bona-fide miracle OR mass public executions. And, even then they couldn’t do it by 2015.

    Off Topic: That Borneo Post site had just to the left of the story – under ‘most read stories’ – “Man jailed for inserting brinjal into wife’s vagina.”
    (I can see why that’s a most read story – it kinda jumps off the page, and I’m only mildly ashamed to admit curiosity was killing me.) *Googled it*
    Turns out a ‘brinjal’ is an eggplant… Damn, that’s just so many kinds of wrong!

    Sorry, a bit of levity is the only way I can get through the day with my sanity intact.

  • roninfreedom

    Ahhh that’s real sweet.

    The US Troops are in Afghanistan to secure the Opium Fields for The Zionist-Jewish Drug Lords whose loyality is to Israel not the US.


    Because the 2 most powerful lobbies in Washington are American Israel Public Affairs Commitee and The Anti-Defamation League.

    They get what they want,that is their Opium Fields!!!

    The Reason why i mention the Zionist Jews is because their the very ones that own the Private Prisons.
    Have the Prison lobbies so to keep the Drug War going.


    Michael Dell and whatever Corporation’s Cheap Labor

  • Duncan20903

    I thought Malaysia had done away with drug abuse decades and decades ago? Don’t they use the death penalty? I keep reading stuff from people who swear that the death penalty will convince people to only get high on drinking alcohol and Freon®.

  • kaptinemo

    They should consult Newt Gingrich; he said in 1987 that we’d be drug-free in 1995. Then in 1995 he said we’d be drug-free by 2001.

    Ten years later, and there’s more to pick and choose from than ever.

    On second thought, they should save themselves from being charged his consulting fees and just keep making up their own bogus dates for impossible goals…like he did.

    • Francis

      He sounds like one of those cult leaders who has to keep revising his predictions for the end of the world.

      • claygooding

        They better hurry,,one more year is all they get to make the world perfect,according to the Mayan’s.

        A buddy and me were discussing designing a chair that would make it comfortable for anyone to kiss their own ass goodbye.

        • Peter

          Does that mean we can stop worrying about Nov 6th 2012? Oh no….the end of the world is not until December…

  • Alan Muller

    Since stopping the supply just doesn’t work we must eliminate the demand. Common drug warriors don’t you have the BALLS to win the war ? Time to start the killing. what you don’t want to start killing your fellow Americans. COWARDS !!!!! THIS IS A WAR YOU FUCKIN PUSSIES LETS SEE SOME BODIES