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November 2010



Apparently Mexico exports some marijuana to the U.S.

Remember during the Prop 19 debate how everyone (ie, RAND) suddenly got bent out of shape when legalizers said that a large percent of Mexican drug criminals’ income came from Marijuana? (even though that number originally came from the government)

They “proved” that the number was some unknown lesser number instead, thereby bizarrely supposedly negating the value of marijuana legalization to the reduction of criminal profits.

Must be a little embarrassing to them to see all the huge seizures of marijuana from Mexico these days.

These are just the latest

Federal officers are still investigating two warehouses that were impounded in the Otay Mesa area; it started on Thursday after a sophisticated drug tunnel was discovered linking the warehouses to a home in Tijuana.

The discoveries of the two tunnels netted nearly 50 tons of marijuana and renewed arguments for the legalization of pot by supporters of proposition 19, which was struck down by California voters three weeks ago.

OK, now. Let me get out my prohibitionist calculator… At 2,000 joints per ounce, that makes the street value… carry the seven… add a random factor of 2… ah, here we are… $14.26 trillion.

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15 comments to Apparently Mexico exports some marijuana to the U.S.

  • Here we go again.....

    …Im not so happy that wikileaks release could put our troops in danger( I could careless bout our politicians)…but can we get some wikileaks for the drug war? It is a war right? Where are the thousands of documents from it? Can we air all dirty laundry please? Why stop …

  • Actually, it appears that some of the latest material will include some drug war-related memos. I’m planning on spending some time working on getting access to them.

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  • ezrydn

    I noted that the Wikileak stuff starts in 1966, the year I was in Nam. I’m interested to peruse the files and see what was being concocked in the back rooms back then, and a few years afterwards, on the same subject.

    This series of leaks doesn’t endanger the troops. It endangers the politicians. Have you had a look at Hillary’s face lately? It looks like the Wicked Witch got rained on.

    On our side of the coin, one needs to remember the CIA Cocaine Trail that Ollie set up. That would also be contained within the time period so I’m sure there’s something of interest there.

  • ezrydn

    What other countries do we interdict TONNES of Cannabis from, on a regular basis??? Which of the “prohibited” drugs do we NOT recieve via Mexico??? Don’t ask RAND for an answer. It’s obvious they only want to contine the “STATUS QUO” of Prohibition!!!

  • kaptinemo

    TONS and TONS and TONS and…

    Jeez, the word has lost its’ emotional impact, it’s been used so much. Astounding. All that product missing from the pipeline, and the price? Nary a blip. With TONS and TONS and TONS more on the way, why should it?

    For years I’ve heard that the interdiction forces have been regularly under-reporting the huge amounts captured. Too embarrassing from a ‘public relations’ viewpoint. It seems they’ve completely lost their sense of shame at their failures, now.

  • malcolmkyle

    ….can we get some wikileaks for the drug war? It is a war right? Where are the thousands of documents from it? Can we air all dirty laundry please? Why stop …

    These were my thoughts and wishes yesterday also.

    Actually, it appears that some of the latest material will include some drug war-related memos. I’m planning on spending some time working on getting access to them.

    And just 10 minutes ago, the first snow started falling here in the Hague.

    Lord, after I skin-up, I am surrendering to you with my hands uplifted!

  • Brian

    Thanks for the laugh. Hard to do sometimes these days… lol
    14.26 Trillion. Love it!!!
    Keep up the good fight.

  • ezrydn

    And what has Unkle Sammy said, over and over? “We only intradict 10% of that which flows across our borders.” I don’t even want to do the math on that one. And we didn’t say it, the Knuckle-Dragging Prohibitionists did!

  • Duncan20903

    Pete you need to take some Math classes. That’s $142.6 quadrillion by my calculations. That’s more money than exists in the entire world today.

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  • claygooding

    Duncan,who needs math when we have drug warriors to figure it out for us,until the numbers they give turn around and bites them in their ass.
    And Rand is the organization that sits at the conference table with the ONDCP when they are trying to juggle those numbers to show how much good they are doing.
    And the CEO of Rand is also a board member of a pharmaceutical company. Not trying to insinuate that the pharmaceutical companies want to keep marijuana prohibited ,it is just one of those coincidences,I am sure.

  • Capo

    One of the things that caught my eye in that seizure is how the truck drivers are basically taking the brunt of the charges (life sentences and all that) since they were the ones “in possession” of the pot when they got caught.

    Talk about unfair. I mean, these guys were probably just well paid truck drivers. Heck there’s a good chance they didn’t even know what they were hauling, but even if they were, it’s not like it was…their weed. They had such a small part in that operation, but they will be the trophies of a complete waste of time and energy.

    I really don’t know how the prosecutors can sleep at night.

  • vicky vampire

    Maybe,these fraking tunnels new one all the time will eventually collapse end of CA instead of EARTHQUAKE.
    Capo you wonder how procecutors sleep at night well I quess they do not have a conscience or many lawyers are hypocrite if they are not using cannabis, then its Alcohol,Cocaine or Bondage play a lot of power players enjoy rough sex,hey nothing wrong with that will all might like that. but how many lawyers have gotten caught taking bribes and with their pants down threw the years.

    Yes lets hope our soldiers are not put in harms way because of wiki-leaks but if a whole bunch of info came out and exposed some outrageous acts and stupity of gov regarding Drug War it would of course not change harsh prohibs minds but might make a few folks examine their thoughts and conciense on drug war I hope.
    Hey did you hear I think it was meant to be recently that conservative think tank Heritage Foundation recommended that gov do away with drug czars and cut in drug war area with out hurting overall program,now come on and I’m conservative on a few things do you seriously this recommend will be applied or even listened to at all of not no fucking way especially on republican side of CONGRESS but they will cut an art program that sounds silly but these arts stuff keep kids from suicide and gangs and whole lot of other trouble I know I sound bleeding heart.Oh well I said my peace.

  • Windy

    Radley Balko sez:
    Parts of the new Wikileaks dump are pretty amusing. The diplomatic double-crossing, gossiping, and conceit read like a global soap opera. Of course, parts of the dump also confirm the moronic duplicity in our foreign policy. Like waging a decade-long war on a country that had very little to do with Al Qaeda while we continue to cozy up to the regime that bankrolls the organization.
    The comments to this posting are informative, especially these:
    #10 | Brooks
    #12 | Mattocracy
    #19 | DarkEFang
    #21 | JS
    #22 | JS
    #26 | Dave Krueger
    And this one is not on wilkileaks but everyone should read it anyway, it is slightly related to the wikileaks dump and more related to the drug war:
    #29 | Andrew S.