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August 2010



Oh my God. Children were in the same house with… plants.

Police in St. Louis discovered a marijuana lab in a house. Yes, a “marijuana growth lab,” was in the basement.

Todd and Angela Priest have been charged with child endangerment.

The Priests knowingly allowed the children to enter the house from Feb. 1 through 12, according to court documents.

How dare they let their four […]

The time is definitely coming

The Oppenheimer Report in the Miami Herald: Has the time come to legalize drugs?

I haven’t really mentioned Vicente Fox’s recent call for legalization. Andres Oppenheimer discusses it.

While the three centrist former presidents’ proposal amounted to not prosecuting people for consuming marijuana, Fox’s proposal calls for legalization of all major drugs — the whole […]

Don’t send your kid to treatment

A very interesting article by Paul Elam (thanks to Radley): When Your Kid Smokes Pot

O.K., so you found some weed in your teen-agers room.

Depending on the kind of parent you are, your reaction to that can range from mild amusement to thermonuclear. But assuming you are not going to smoke the stuff yourself, […]

Random Action

I think it would be interesting if a group of people got together and decided to picket their local drug store chain (Walgreens, Duane Reed, CVS, etc.). Sort of a NIMBY movement to make fun of the fears some people have of medical marijuana moving into a neighborhood.

There’s all sorts of creative picket signs […]

Programming Note

Webinar on legalizing marijuana:

Join us Thursday for a webinar on the societal consequences and costs of Prop. 19.

San Francisco Chronicle/ meets with Pleasant Hill Police Chief Pete Dunbar and former San Jose Police Chief Joe McNamara to explore how society might look if voters approve Prop. 19 and legalize marijuana use for adults.