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April 2010



Busy Times

It’s the last week of classes, and a host of fascinating (and time-consuming) activities. Yesterday was a 16-hour work day.

So what’s going on that interests you? Is it California? Medical Marijuana? The inability of Arizona to come to grips with borders? Russia wanting to go back into Afghanistan to fight the drug war? Renn […]

Third Round Semifinal Voting at FDL

That’s right, a third round of voting (three whole sets of suggestions) on naming their pot campaign.

Clearly they have a lot of readers that can be reached through this campaign at FireDogLake. On Monday, they’ll combine the top vote getters from the three sets and vote for the overall winner.

(Of course, there are […]

FDL, voting, and Public Safety First

Over at FireDogLake voting is still going on in the second set of names for the contest to name their marijuana legalization campaign.

Jane also notes the new website for an opposition group to legalization in California: Public Safety First. This is a much more dangerous (and well organized) group than the pathetic CALM folks […]

If I was President... of Colombia

At Colombia Reports: The biggest loser in the presidential campaign is the war on drugs

The article discusses the problems with the war on drugs in Colombia and Mexico, and then talk about the close race for replacing Uribe as President.

Colombia’s presidential candidates need to have a good, long think about what a post-Uribe […]

Cannabis news around the country

Illinois Medical Marijuana law close to a vote

Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), House sponsor of the Illinois medical cannabis bill, has renewed his call for support for SB 1381. He was joined at a press conference by doctors, clergy, patients, and public health authority and Gov. Patrick Quinn’s personal physician Dr. Quentin Young. The […]

Drug Enforcement, Gateway to Violence

When the preliminary results of this study came out a while back, it was mentioned here, but now it’s out, it’s official, and it’s an AP story and in the Washington Post:

Study links drug enforcement to more violence

A systematic review published Tuesday of more than 300 international studies dating back 20 years found […]


I’m fighting another bout of being ill — this time it’s an intermittent fever for the past three days that’s quite annoying and tiring.

It hasn’t gone much over 101 degrees F, so I don’t think it’s serious, but if it continues much longer, I feel that I probably should see someone — I’m just […]

Drug War Greed (updated)

This is why it’s so hard to make fundamental changes in the federal government’s drug war.

As you know, Obama’s Drug Czar has been heavily claiming that this administration is much more concerned about demand side and treatment. In fact, this is nonsense, as the actual proposed budget changes were relatively insignificant.

Of course, the […]

Southern Illinois weighs in on marijuana legalization

Title of the piece at The Southern: Local authorties: Marijuana should not be legalized

And what is the reasoning from those “authorties”?

“I’m against it,” said Perry County Sheriff Keith Kellerman. “They’re going to continue to use drugs, so why legalize it?”

That has got to be one of the most amazing pieces of reasoning […]

Framing the questions

So much depends on how you ask the question. Widely publicized 4/20 poll actually shows majority support for drug reforms

As with many instances in politics, actuality can often be obscured behind the wrong frame: ask a question just the right way and results can be wildly tilted, one way or another.

Take the […]