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bullet image Illinois Medical Marijuana law close to a vote

Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), House sponsor of the Illinois medical cannabis bill, has renewed his call for support for SB 1381. He was joined at a press conference by doctors, clergy, patients, and public health authority and Gov. Patrick Quinn’s personal physician Dr. Quentin Young. The legislature is scheduled to adjourn on May 7, so our time is now. We expect Rep. Lang to call for a vote on this bill within a matter of days, quite possibly this Thursday.

We are within striking distance of the 60 votes needed to send the bill to Gov. Quinn for his signature. Gov. Quinn has stated that, “People who are seriously ill deserve access to all medical treatments that will help them fight their illness and recover.” Through his spokesperson, the governor has signaled he will give “serious consideration” to a medical cannabis bill should it reach him.

According to Rep. Lang, “92 [representatives] have looked me in the eye and said, ‘This is a great bill. I hope you pass it.’ But only 52 have said they’ll vote for it. They come up with all kinds of excuses. When you have elected officials who choose to vote against their own conscience for political reasons, that’s a recipe for bad politics.”

A successful House vote would send this bill to Gov. Quinn’s desk.

Help to make Illinois the 15th state to protect patients by once again contacting your Representative to vote “yes” when the time comes.

Call your Representative at 217-782-2000 and tell them to “Vote Yes on Senate Bill 1381.

bullet image I agree with what Scott Morgan said about what Eric Sterling said about Michele Leonhart.

Eric’s letter in the Washington Post

The April 19 editorial “Medical marijuana” made a wise observation regarding the D.C. medical marijuana law — “critical details will need to be worked out in its implementation” — but did not mention the key obstacle: the federal drug law and the Drug Enforcement Administration opposition. The D.C. law and those of 14 states are messy because they need to work around federal law. D.C. and the states would benefit from DEA cooperation, not opposition stubbornly grounded on the Constitution’s supremacy clause.

bullet image Good news. Court Orders Bail for New Jersey’s John Wilson

The multiple sclerosis patient in New Jersey who was sentenced to five years in prison for growing marijuana plants and has been incarcerated since March may be released today while he appeals his case.

This case painfully reminds me of the case of Jonathan Magbie (although it’s important to remember him).

bullet image Want Some Pizza With That Pot? Stoners Weigh in on Legalization’s Big Winners – Daily Finance takes a look at the companies who might gain from marijuana legalization’s “munchie” side-effect.

bullet image Now you can download the brochure for Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana and see what they’re pushing to the public.

bullet image At FireDogLake, Dale Sky Clare, the Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University and the Spokesperson for Control and Tax Cannabis 2010 is interviewed. She talks about both Oaksterdam and the upcoming ballot initiative.

Interesting point she makes is that they now have the support of major labor unions and the NAACP.

Dale speaks very well, and knows all the right points. I hate watching talking head videos, but really enjoyed listening to her. She’s extremely bright, understands the needs of others, and knows how to target her message. I’m really encouraged.


This is an open thread.

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17 Responses to Cannabis news around the country

  1. allan420 says:

    Oakland City Attorney John Russo:

    More than 61,000 Californians were arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession in 2008. That same year, about 60,000 violent crimes went unsolved statewide. The reality is that resources tied up fighting marijuana would be better spent solving and preventing violent felonies and other major crimes.

    Regulating and controlling marijuana is really a law-and-order measure. It takes marijuana off street corners and out of the hands of children. It cuts off a huge source of revenue to the violent gangsters who now control the market. And it gives law enforcement more capacity to focus on what really matters to Californians — making our communities safer.

    It’s time we call marijuana prohibition what it is — an outdated and costly approach that has failed to benefit our society. In November, we will finally have the chance to take a rational course with the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act.

    Open Forum: Legalize marijuana in California

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  3. Duncan says:

    Well I had to send CALM a check for $10,000. Unfortunately for them, the account is long since closed, the check won’t be honored, and CALM will get to pay a fee for depositing a dishonored item. Call it a reverse donation.

  4. bobreaze says:

    yeh that CALM brochure is full of shit smeard pages. Pissed me off to read all the half truths and lack of acknowledging that the propsed bill would reduce teen use.

  5. aferrismoon says:

    In Czech Republic a new law came in , in January [ people [I’m pretty sure] may have 15grammes personal and are allowed to grow a limited number of plants at home.

    This means the Czech police don’t have to deal with non-violent crimes or harass non-criminal people.

    On the other hand there it must be said that this also ‘legitimises’ marijuana for younger people as well as inferring that getting off one’s head is legit.

    Marijuana should not have been illegalised as the result can be that it’s seen as ‘fighting for a human right’ which compared to some of the awful human rights abuses today , it does seem a bit low down the list.

    Home-growing does take the profits away from ‘criminal’ dealers who may , or may not, be involved with other activities like heroin etc or prostituton.
    Also the govt can’t tax it.
    Finally there’s a boost for the shops that sell hydroponic equipment and lights. This though is kind of ironic as it uses up more energy and this seems to thwart environmental ideology. Many marijuana smokers appear for less energy use.

    As Marijuana does have a strong and ‘phew’ smell smoking outside near to young children should be avoided. recreational smokers shouldn’t see legalisation as freedom to smoke anywhere ‘coz it’s my right maaan?’

    Some add it foodstuffs which seems the most responsible course of action


  6. aferrismoon says:

    By the way is it


  7. Tony Aroma says:

    I actually like the CALM brochure. It’s just a bunch of “facts” taken from the DEA, NIDA, and other government propaganda sources. Still, it makes a compelling case FOR legalization, as pretty much all of the horrors they describe could be eliminated or reduced with legalization. Funny how the prohibitionists and their facts are their own worst enemy.

    I’ve often wondered if I were to create my own “marijuana facts” web site and filled it with outrageous claims, like marijuana makes your head explode, how many prohibitionists would start quoting it. Could be fun.

  8. Rich says:

    It appears that the CALM folks are in criminal violation of copyright law; the photo on the right with the “iStockphoto” watermark is presumably intended solely as an exemplar and not for production materials.

    People should listen to these criminals… why?

  9. Chris says:

    That article about asking the DEA to help implement state medical marijuana programs seems like something written 5 years from now. Right now, it’s unthinkable for them to do anything but hinder the state programs or do anything that isn’t straight out of a law enforcement textbook. What a useless agency.

  10. ezrydn says:


    It’s “Drug WarRant.” I think Pete left the second space out on purpose, for effect. LOL

  11. Pete says:

    ezrydn is right, aferrismoon.

    When I started this site, I decided to go with the play on words — that Drug WarRant also read like a drug warrant. I thought that maybe, if it caught on a little, people going to google and typing in “drug warrant” might find my site.

    Within months, it was showing up on the first page of rankings.

  12. fortyouncer says:

    We are sustained by billionaires? Damn, all this time I was posting on my own time, for free. Can someone please point me to my local billionaire to get paid?

    And this brochure isn’t really complete without adding the “fact” that dark skinned men are seducing white woman with marijuana.

  13. Servetus says:

    Legal marijuana is more popular than Republicans, at least according to Orange County petitioners who tricked college students into joining the Republican Party using a fake petition that made students think they were signing a marijuana legalization petition.

  14. Drew says:

    Like Rich, the first thing I noticed is they stole a stock shot, it still has the watermark on it! So I sent a short note to since they like to make examples of bad behavior like that. 🙂

    What a hideous flyer, such lame logic.

    “So a few people can smoke pot.” What a sad joke.

  15. ezrydn says:

    That whole brochure is a reform debater’s dream! You’re just looking at it the wrong way. It’d be a perfect outline for a LTE. So easy to shoot down.

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  17. So MADD is for alcohol supremacy.

    What are they- Order of the Eastern Star?

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