Third Round Semifinal Voting at FDL

That’s right, a third round of voting (three whole sets of suggestions) on naming their pot campaign.

Clearly they have a lot of readers that can be reached through this campaign at FireDogLake. On Monday, they’ll combine the top vote getters from the three sets and vote for the overall winner.

(Of course, there are a lot of pretty ridiculous suggestions cluttering up the list.)

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5 Responses to Third Round Semifinal Voting at FDL

  1. Maryjane Hempfield says:

    I agree, there are a lot of ridiculous suggestions in there. My suggestion was: “Marijuana: Much Safer”. I think that is the message we need to get out to the general public, and the one that will put adversaries right where we want them.

  2. truthtechnician says:

    I think pretty much all of the slogans suggested are ineffective.

    I think the most effective thing would simply be “I smoke pot.” People won’t change their minds until potheads come out from the closet and demand to be recognized.

  3. Dave In Florida says:

    You are right Truthtechnician. Most of the people that I know stay in there own little circle of friends and don’t want the outside world to know. They are afraid to come out of the closet because of fear of retaliation from their employers and the law. All are well respected people of the community. It is really hard for most people to face that fear. It would be unbelievable if every one that smoked came out and said so. Based on the numbers that they sieze, there has to be a lot more people that indulge than they would lead you to believe. They say 5%, I would think more like 20 to 30% or maybe higher.

  4. Nick z says:

    Shiva gave the gift of cannabis to the oppressed working caste, to help them overcome oppression. Why on Earth would a small group of corporate ruling-class people with absolute power fear that?

  5. a4181888 says:

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