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An ONDCP reform that might be possible

I know we’ve gotten a bit excited about the excellent hearing conducted by Representative Kucinich this week. Some have wondered what it will mean. One powerful hearing like that one will not mean the end of the ONDCP, or the … Continue reading

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Drug Czar’s office gets cautious

They’re certainly not getting honest, but at least they’re learning that they can’t get away with the obvious lies. It’s been over 30 days since I submitted my Petition for Correction Under teh ONDCP Information Quality Guidelines regarding their misuse … Continue reading

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I’d like to buy the world a Coke

From Drug War Chronicle: A coca-based soft drink went on sale in Bolivia this week. Coca Colla, made from the coca leaf and named after Bolivia’s indigenous Colla people, is the latest manifestation of President Evo Morales’ quest to expand … Continue reading

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So how is that strategy coming along?

Comedian Lewis Black starts talking about the legalization of marijuana Enough is enough. And I don’t even smoke the stuff, but if we are going to pay for anything we have to find ways to raise money, and here’s one. … Continue reading

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