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February 2010



INCB, take two

In the last post, I was trying to describe the INCB – The independent and quasi-judicial control organ monitoring the implementation of the United Nations drug control conventions.

Here’s another way of looking at it.

A lot of you are too young to remember this, but there was a charlatan named Jim Jones, the leader […]

Open Thread

Good news from Cheye Calvo:

Yesterday, District Court Judge Ahalt yesterday denied a motion to dismiss our lawsuit against the Pr. George’s law enforcement. This clears the path for us to go to trial, probably early in 2011. He also denied a motion to suppress the Sheriff’s Office internal affairs division (IAD) report, which […]

Oliver heads South

Oliver North has a piece at Townhall: The Other War

WASHINGTON — It’s a war the so-called mainstream media apparently have decided to ignore. Though its death toll is higher than Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s combined, it evidently isn’t worth covering; and unless you’re reading this in the Southwest, you probably haven’t even heard about it.


More words of wisdom from the UNODC

On arguments for reducing the penalties for possession of cannabis…

A criminal record is a serious matter A criminal record labels a person caught with possessing small amounts of cannabis as a criminal and severely limits their ability to find employment, professional certification and to travel to other countries. Criminalizing a behaviour has a number […]

UNODC censors itself

Hilariously pathetic.

Yesterday, I noted that Transform had found a page on the UNODC site that was remarkably reasonable.

It actually talked about the effects of cannabis laws.

A number of countries are debating their marijuana laws, in most cases, trying to decide whether the penalties for possessing small amounts of cannabis should be reduced. […]

Teach the children well

So what are we teaching our children in school? I don’t mean about reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. I’m talking about what their role is as a citizen in a free country.

If we convince them that being a citizen means blindly following arbitrary authority, how will we ever stop abuses of authority in the future?


Hey, can I get me some of those cocaine poppies?

For your entertainment, a letter to the editor by Richard Douglas in California

Marijuana contributes to killings

There seems to be a lot of your readers who support “medicinal marijuana.” However, there are some who are against the allowance of dispensing marijuana and each seems to have their own idea as to the harm it […]

Open Thread

Fight the Power – Jacob Sullum takes on supposed “Constitutional Conservatives” who nevertheless support federal bans on drugs and other powers not given to the federal government in the Constitution.

UNODC makes the case for decriminalization? – Transform found this gem of a page within the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime […]

Drugs... Terrorism... WAR

A recent exchange in comments got me thinking about the drugs and terrorism connection again. You know, the one you keep hearing about from public officials.

Of course, drugs and terrorism really have nothing in common.

Drugs are designed to be part of a peaceful exchange between willing participants for private use. Terrorism is designed […]

Keystone Kops

I’m guessing that not everybody was quite clear on the plan…

Members of the Interstate Interdiction Unit pulled over a tractor trailer on Feb. 10 that contained 1,700 pounds of marijuana, according to a Memphis Police Department travel memo obtained under Tennessee’s public records law.

Drug Enforcement Administration officials asked that the load be delivered […]