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bullet image Fight the Power – Jacob Sullum takes on supposed “Constitutional Conservatives” who nevertheless support federal bans on drugs and other powers not given to the federal government in the Constitution.

bullet image UNODC makes the case for decriminalization? – Transform found this gem of a page within the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime site that actually makes a strong case for decriminalization! How’d that slip in?

bullet image David Sirota: Rogues are dominating President Obama

Rather than personnel changes reining in the out-of-control agency, the president has nominated the acting Bush-appointed DEA administrator, Michele Leonhart, to a full term.

The message, then, should be clear: If you’re looking for who is “in control” of our military and police forces, don’t look to the established chain of command and don’t look to constitutional provisions that mandate civilian authority over the government bayonet. Look to the most reckless rogues — it’s a good bet they’re the ones running the show.

bullet image Doug Bennett: The ‘drug war’ mentality still rules

To many medical marijuana patients and objective observers like myself, it appears that the “Be afraid, be very afraid!” hyperbole and “Drug War” mentality has permeated the cultures of Redding City Hall and other local governments.

bullet image This will end badly. U.S. to embed agents in Mexican law enforcement units battling cartels in Juarez by William Booth

bullet image This, however, is just mind-boggling stupid. Declare War on Mexico? – 760 Talk Radio

bullet image Pot Wars—Battlefield California

bullet image DrugSense Weekly – a weekly review of the most interesting or relevant articles in the press and on the web related to drug policy reform.

bullet imageDrug War Chronicle – weekly update of drug war news and analysis from Stop the Drug

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6 Responses to Open Thread

  1. claygooding says:

    The embedding of intelligence agents? Is that anything like military advisers? Just want to keep the terminology correct,so when we are involved completely in their war,and the impending economical failure of Mexico,should they stop the flow of billions of our dollars into Mexico.
    After we spend billions killing or running the cartels out of Mexico,we will spend billions more shoring up Mexico from the resulting financial disaster. What money do you think those peons are buying their beans with?
    If they just embed DEA officers,it will give them a chance to see if their gestapo body armor really works.

  2. claygooding says:

    Doug Bennett: The ‘drug war’ mentality still rules:

    Every rule,regulation and requirement that government puts on medical marijuana translates to more costs for patients. At what point does the buying of medical marijuana from “legal” dispensaries become unaffordable?
    It might take more brick weed to get the job done,but it will work.
    Government is underwriting the existence of the cartels by increasing the street prices of drugs. And the exorbitant profits now being associated with medical marijuana has normal people trying to get in on the money,more than ever before,much less the cartels involvement with the m/m market.

  3. aussidawg says:

    Has anybody read the commentary posted under the “Declare War on Mexico” article?

    Good God almighty…if this audience reflects even a slice of the logic flowing through our fellow countrymens’ heads, this nation is toast.

  4. claygooding says:

    Until the cost of medical marijuana goes below $100 an ounce,there will be entrepreneurs,foreign and domestic,that will try to sell their products through any system you try to use. And the price may have to go lower than that to completely stop the “green market”
    I would expect,with the recent possession limits being removed,that a lot of those dispensaries are about to lose many of their customers and there will be so much marijuana for sale come next harvest time that there may be price wars between the shops.
    If every “patient” that is able,grows a full limit of plants,they could grow the cartels and criminals out of LA.

  5. claygooding says:

    PS.Then,don’t sell your excess medicine to anyone,just barter.

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