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January 2008
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Gee, who’d have thought that people would be angry?

It appears at this point that are attempting to properly investigate the shooting of Tarika Wilson by police in a drug raid. And Attorney General Marc Dann even went personally to talk with members of the community. Angry members. He deserves credit for that.
And it was probably good for him to do that. Because it helped highlight a critical point (one brought about by the drug war).

Attorney General Marc Dann also pledged to take a closer look at relations between police and the community after hearing from dozens of people who said they don‰t trust the city‰s officers.
‹This is not a problem that is unique to Lima,Š Dann said. ‹It is an unacceptable state of affairs that this many people in any community feels they aren‰t protected by the police.Š […]
He tried to assure residents there will be a thorough investigation.
Still, he was surprised by the amount of anger he faced. ‹Clearly, this struck a chord in this community,Š he said

Obama on the drug war

Associated Press today.

HENDERSON, Nev. (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said he would bring a new approach to drug crimes in response to a questioner who noted “if you were arrested when you were a teenager, then you never would be a candidate for the presidency.” Obama didn’t comment on the reference to […]

MPP doubles their offer

Marijuana and Driving

The difference between drunk drivers and stoned drivers:

The drunk driver will speed through the stop sign without noticing it. The stoned driver will stop and patiently wait for it to turn green.

The invoked boogeyman of reefer-crazed drivers on the road has been one of the convenient tools of the prohibitionist. The experienced marijuana […]

Drug Czar Watch

I’m keeping an eye on the Drug Czar’s “blog” ’cause I just want to see how he handles this one:

MIAMI — U.S.-directed seizures and disruptions of cocaine shipments from Latin America dropped sharply in 2007 from the year before, reflecting in part a successful shift in tactics by drug traffickers to avoid detection at […]

Marc Emery agrees to 5 years in Canadian prison (updated)


Marc Emery, Vancouver’s self-styled Prince of Pot, has tentatively agreed to a five-year prison term in a plea bargain over U.S. money laundering and marijuana seed-selling charges. Facing an extradition hearing Jan. 21 and the all-but-certain prospect of delivery to American authorities, Emery has cut a deal with U.S. prosecutors to serve his sentence […]

California Appeals Court limits police ability to enter home when seeing marijuana

This is a good ruling — or at least a step in the right direction.

In overturning a Pacifica man’s conviction, the state Court of Appeal in San Francisco said officers may enter someone’s home to preserve evidence of a crime – but only if the crime is punishable by jail or prison. Under a […]

Tarika Wilson update and some good voices added to the discussion

Tarika Wilson, the Lima, Ohio mother of six who was shot to death by police in a drug raid was buried on Friday. On Saturday, protesters marched through the streets of Lima once again.

Ms. Johnson, march organizer, said marchers will demonstrate every Saturday until they find out why Police Sgt. Joe Chavalia shot the […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Action Alert — Take action to top the deadly SWAT raids “bullet” The FBI will assist in the investigation of the shooting death of Tarika Wilson. “bullet” Extreme Ecstasy! — a Drudge-worthy concoction of the Drug Czar has been getting some play. Scott Morgan says Ecstasy Laced With Meth is Bad, But it’s Not […]

Another drug-free goal!

You’d think they’d learn. First we had the 1986 crime bill that set into law the “fact” that the country would be drug free by 1995. Newt Gingrich then said we’d be drug free by 2001. The world was supposed to be drug free by 2008. What next? West Virginia! That’s right. The latest idiot […]