Gee, who’d have thought that people would be angry?

It appears at this point that are attempting to properly investigate the shooting of Tarika Wilson by police in a drug raid. And Attorney General Marc Dann even went personally to talk with members of the community. Angry members. He deserves credit for that.
And it was probably good for him to do that. Because it helped highlight a critical point (one brought about by the drug war).

Attorney General Marc Dann also pledged to take a closer look at relations between police and the community after hearing from dozens of people who said they don‰t trust the city‰s officers.
‹This is not a problem that is unique to Lima,Š Dann said. ‹It is an unacceptable state of affairs that this many people in any community feels they aren‰t protected by the police.Š […]
He tried to assure residents there will be a thorough investigation.
Still, he was surprised by the amount of anger he faced. ‹Clearly, this struck a chord in this community,Š he said

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