Open Thread

“bullet” Action Alert — Take action to top the deadly SWAT raids
“bullet” The FBI will assist in the investigation of the shooting death of Tarika Wilson.
“bullet” Extreme Ecstasy! — a Drudge-worthy concoction of the Drug Czar has been getting some play. Scott Morgan says Ecstasy Laced With Meth is Bad, But it’s Not My Fault, Rob says “show me some bodies,” Jonathan Perri compares it to Extreme Doritos, Jacob Sullum says Hey, Kids! Try This at Home! and
the New York Times’ coverage earns Jack Shafer’s Stupidest Drug Story of the Week award.
“bullet” More from Governor Manchin. The actual “Plan for a Drug-Free West Virginia“! [Thanks, Chip]
“bullet” “drcnet”

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