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… and I’ll be President of the United States.

Via Phillip Smith — Apparently Indonesia, impressed with the U.S. success in becoming drug-free by 1995, has decided to be marijuana-free by 2015.

Some sanity on Afghanistan in the Washington Post

Finally. An excellent article in a major paper clearly laying out the answer to Afghanistan that we’ve been talking about for ages. Anne Applebaum — Ending an Opium War: Poppies and Afghan Recovery Can Both Bloom

Yet by far the most depressing aspect of the Afghan poppy crisis is that it exists at all — […]

Outstanding Editorial

In the Colorado Springs Gazette: Editorial: It’s Time for New Strategy in the Drug War

[…] After decades of an even worse failure in the drug war, it’s time for the government to rethink that war as well. […]

Besides failing to keep drugs off the street, the drug war is detrimental to our national […]