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Stupid Sheriff Tricks

Quote of the day from new Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes:

Drug enforcement is another area Hughes plans to invest a lot of resources in. He says, “The drug war is a war we’ll never win and it’s time to attack it on a daily basis and concentrate on drugs.”


These are the kind of people…

The Drug Czar’s “blog” (yes, I went there again and I’m giving them yet another link to increase their stats…) excitedly lists some names:

Congratulations to the newest members of the President’s Drug Free Communities Support Program Advisory Commission!

Ooh, i can’t wait! So I looked at the list — don’t really know any of […]


The media seems to have just figured out that Obama used cocaine when he was young. Catch up, folks. That’s old news. The issue is whether Obama, as an elected official, will act to deny other youths the opportunities he had and push for continuing the drug war, or if he will act to end […]

Everybody Hates Drug Dealers?

Over at Blame the Drug War, Tanya has an interesting post that takes me to task for part of my FAQ page, where I am somewhat unsympathetic to drug dealers. She’s got a point — one that’s been raised with me before. And I must admit that I was mostly going for a bit of […]