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August 2006



Any DrugWarRant readers in Prague, Budapest or Vienna?

I’m going to be taking a vacation soon to Central Europe. While I won’t have a lot of extra time, if there are readers particularly in Prague, Budapest or Vienna, I’d love to get together for some coffee and discuss drug policy.

I’ll be in Prague (and Řevnice) from September 9-15, Litomyšl on September 16, […]

Drug Czar salary cuts?

Via Tom at DARE Generation Diary comes this major put-down (search for ONDCP) of the Drug Czar’s office by the Senate Appropriations Committee: (emphasis added)


The Committee recommends an appropriation of $11,500,000 for ONDCP’s salaries and expenses. This amount is $11,809,000 below the budget request and $15,139,000 below the fiscal year 2006 enacted […]

DEA stoops even lower

Remember when DEA spokesman Steve Robertson responded to our efforts in protesting their museum propaganda by claiming:

“We’re a law enforcement agency — we enforce the laws as they are written. Congress makes the laws.”

Well, once again, I call bullshit.

Check this out.

The Drug Enforcement Agency is stepping into the political fray to […]

Another good OpEd in the Seattle Times and more

We’re just racking up the support for drug policy reform in a range of major newspapers. Also importantly, the most intelligent, factual, well-written and well-argued pieces tend to be on our side. Sort of goes against the stereotype of the wild-eyed druggie legalizer, doesn’t it? In fact, more and more it is the prohibitionists who […]

The Czars’ Reefer Madness

John Tierney in the New York Times

“Drug policy is irrelevant,” says Cohen, the former director of the Center for Drug Research at the University of Amsterdam. It’s quite logical, he says, to theorize that outlawing drugs would have an impact, but experience shows otherwise, both in America and in some European countries with stricter […]