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August 2005



John Bolton to the U.N.

In a recess appointment, John “Got Milk?” Bolton has been appointed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. His job will be to straighten them out, or piss them off, or dismantle them, or something to that effect. How much do you want to bet that there’s one part of the U.N. that Bolton will decide […]

Alcoholic Father Disappointed in Pothead Son

At the Onion

Drug War results in Mexico show what awaits us?

We helped train some of these criminals as part of the effort to go after drug lords. We made criminal drug trade profitable. We’re not only losing the drug war, we are fueling violence through prohibition. Link

NUEVO LAREDO – Warring Mexican gangs stepped up the urban battle in Nuevo Laredo late last week, prompting […]

DEA finds some drugs in Afghanistan

Link No need to track down drug traffickers or deal with the hard work of ripping up plants in the fields of Afghanistan. Opium is so plentiful in that country, that the DEA could pick up 20,000 pounds of it in the offices of the provincial governor. A bit embarrassing, don’t you think? Still nobody […]

The future for Emery

Kirk Tousaw has a good overview at Cannabis Culture on the future proceedings in the Marc Emery case. Here’s the real interesting part: When it comes time for the Canadian courts to decide on the extradition:

One of the key sections is 44. That lists reasons why the Minister SHALL NOT order surrender:

44. (1) […]

Some early Marc Emery reactions

In the London Free Press: America Targets Emery

The arrest of Canadian pot activist Marc Emery is being used to advance the agenda of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, a London friend charges.

“Someone needed to made an example of (him) to further the agenda of the American drug enforcement agency,” said Teresa Tarasewicz, co-owner […]