Drug War results in Mexico show what awaits us?

We helped train some of these criminals as part of the effort to go after drug lords. We made criminal drug trade profitable. We’re not only losing the drug war, we are fueling violence through prohibition.

NUEVO LAREDO – Warring Mexican gangs stepped up the urban battle in Nuevo Laredo late last week, prompting the U.S. ambassador in Mexico City to close the consulate in this border town that terrorized citizens compare to a war zone in Baghdad.

The pitched battle — with bazookas and grenades — was so fierce that after the shooting a house at the fighting’s center was riddled with holes the size of melons. Part of it had collapsed. A building across the street was pocked with holes, indicating a response with heavy weapons. Hundreds of bullet casings from AK-47 assault rifles and other weapons littered the street. Cars, many with Texas plates, lay like victims, their windows shattered and their bodies scourged by bullet holes.

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