Some early Marc Emery reactions

In the London Free Press: America Targets Emery

The arrest of Canadian pot activist Marc Emery is being used to advance the agenda of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, a London friend charges.

“Someone needed to made an example of (him) to further the agenda of the American drug enforcement agency,” said Teresa Tarasewicz, co-owner of the City Lights Book Shop.

OpEd by Connie Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party

The arrest of Marc Emery and two others on July 29, 2005 in Canada to serve the questionable USA War On Drugs is a wake up call for Canadians. Marc Emery is a serious activist promoting the legalization of Marijuana use in Canada. The significance for Canadians of his arrest is not about anyone’s personal attitude to the legalization of marijuana. The significance speaks to the core of being Canadian, being a sovereign nation, being able to make decisions we choose in our interest, in our own time, on our own terms.

From an article by Dana Gee in the Vancouver Province:

SANTA MONICA — Tommy Chong thinks the Drug Enforcement Agency’s plan to prosecute pot advocate Marc Emery should go up in smoke.

The former Vancouver resident and one-half of the stoner comedic partnership of Cheech and Chong was shocked when told of Emery’s trouble with the DEA.

“They’re going to extradite him down to the [U.S.] for something that’s not really a crime in Canada,” Chong said at a party here Friday night. “If Canada goes for that, they really suck.”

Last year, Chong ran afoul of the U.S. war against drugs when he was jailed for nine months after being found guilty on one count of conspiring to sell drug paraphernalia across a state line.

“Look what happened to me for a bong,” said Chong. “Imagine if I had a seed in it — I’d still be in jail.

“The DEA, their budget, it depends on pot busts. Pot busts are the simplest, because we are the most harmless.

“What they did to me and what they are doing to a lot of people is violating their civil rights. What they are really looking for is diversion — these guys are up to their eyeballs in wars and thievery, Haliburton and Enron.”

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