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June 2005



Quote of the day

…comes from reader BD in comments:

Isn’t it interesting that Angel Raich, totally cognizant and aware of her pain, didn’t arouse as much sympathy from our public servants as Terri Schiavo did?

Mark Souder is the scum of the earth

[First off — welcome to post number 1,000 at Drug WarRant. What a ride! When I started this blog just under two years ago, I expected to be posting once or twice a week. Obviously I got a little more involved than that.] Now, on to Mark Souder. Why is he the scum of the […]

What to do now that we lost the Hinchey vote

Official vote breakdown here. The Drug Policy Alliance also has a list of how the Representatives voted. You can send them a message saying what you thought of their vote at that link. But don’t stop there. Here’s a letter I just sent to my local paper:

To the editor: On June 6, the Supreme […]

Hinchey Watch – Day 2, part 2

[See full proceedings through the Hinchey Amendment in the post below] In this post, we’ll continue to watch items in the proceedings. “bullet” C.L. “Butch” Otter (Idaho) has put forward an amendment to restrict the “sneak-and-peek” search warrants and brings back judicial oversight. Some nice stuff about the importance of the 4th Amendment. Ron Paul […]

Hinchey Watch – Day 2

The House of Representatives is about to continue with consideration of amendments to the Justice Appropriations bill. The Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment (preventing the use of federal funds to harass sick people in medical marijuana states) will most likely be considered today, with 30 minutes of debate. There will also be a number of other amendments related […]