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April 2005
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Drug Use Prevalence Under Legalization

Daksya has a diary entry over at Nephalim’s Drug War Revealed asking whether people think drug use would increase a little, a lot, or none under legalization. Go give your opinion.

MPP, ACLU, scientists fight federal obstruction of research

The Marijuana Policy Project reports that they will hold a telephone press conference today at noon to discuss “developments in the effort to overcome Drug Enforcement Administration obstruction of medical marijuana research.” Participating:

Lyle Craker, Ph.D., director, medicinal plant program, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Rick Doblin, Ph.D., president, Multidisciplinary Institute for Psychedelic Studies; Allen Hopper, […]

Mark A.R. Kleiman’s Asinine Comment

I just noticed Mark Kleiman’s post about Sativex. He does a fairly good job of summarizing the situation, and talks about how the advent of Sativex may affect the framing of the debate on both sides of the medical marijuana issue. So far, OK, (although I don’t agree with him that, for political reasons, “the […]


Thanks for all the notes and responses recently regarding a whole lot going on in the world of drug policy. On a personal note, the last couple of days have been extremely busy for me (in good ways), so I apologize to anyone who has written if I haven’t gotten around to responding. I just […]

HHS responds… not.

OK, so Health and Human Services finally responded to the Americans for Safe Access Data Quality Act complaint regarding their information about medical marijuana (background). After several self-awarded extensions to their response, they essentially came up with a complete non-response response. Shorter version: We found a loophole that allows us, instead of actually responding as […]

Andrea Barthwell, Snake Oil Salesman


Former Deputy Drug Czar Andrea Barthwell (more about her here) is, as has been mentioned, the new spokesperson for getting GW Pharmaceuticals’ Sativex approved for use in the United States. This is SO right for so many wrong reasons.

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Don’t Mind If I Take a Look, Do Ya?

Drug Cops Seek to Use Monkey in Enforcement Efforts at TalkLeft

What about the youth?

One of the things prohibitionists love to go on about is protecting our youth. And how do they want to do it? By taking away the rights of young people (pee in a cup, get sniffed by dogs) and by passing harsh criminal penalties for drug crimes near schools and parks, etc. None of these […]


I’ve been holding off talking about GW Pharmaceuticals’ Sativex, but now I think Rob Kampia has written an excellent article – at Alternet – The Lesson of Sativex.

On April 19, the Canadian government delivered what should be the final blow to the U.S. government’s irrational prohibition against the medical use of marijuana. It approved […]

Supreme Court to tackle two more cases

TChris at TalkLeft has two good posts about cases that the Supreme Court agreed to hear today.

Religion v. Drug Laws – about Hoasca Tea (used in ceremonies of the O Centro Espirita Beneficients Uniao Do Vegetal church). It has some impact on the Controlled Substances Act. Note: SCOTUS Blog has some excellent background on […]