MPP, ACLU, scientists fight federal obstruction of research

The Marijuana Policy Project reports that they will hold a telephone press conference today at noon to discuss “developments in the effort to overcome Drug Enforcement Administration obstruction of medical marijuana research.”

Lyle Craker, Ph.D., director, medicinal plant program, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Rick Doblin, Ph.D., president, Multidisciplinary Institute for Psychedelic Studies; Allen Hopper, staff attorney, ACLU; Steve Fox, director of government relations, Marijuana Policy Project; Phillip Alden, patient living with AIDS who dropped out of a medical marijuana study due to the low quality of government-grown marijuana that researchers are forced to use.

And more on this in the Washington Times: ACLU enters marijuana research dispute

The ACLU said it filed a statement with a federal administrative law judge opposing the DEA’s refusal to allow University of Massachusetts Professor Lyle Craker to grow the alternative source of research-grade marijuana. …

The ACLU said it will host a conference Monday on “the federal government’s pattern and practice of blocking scientists from conducting research on the medical benefits of marijuana, and how this obstruction of research affects the current legal debate over medical marijuana, particularly in the U.S. Supreme Court in Raich v. Ashcroft.”

[Looks like some more pro-pot organizers who don’t give a rat’s ass about patients — right, Mark?]

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