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If I wanted to win the hearts and minds of farmers in Latin America and Afghanistan, I probably wouldn’t start by destroying their fields and removing their only hope of feeding their families.Guitherisms, the longest running single-issue blog devoted to drug policy, is published by the Prohibition Isn’t Free Foundation

February 2005
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Drug Test Nation

A disturbing look at the immediate future of the privacy of our bodily fluids in Paul Armentano’s column at Reason.

The purpose of this symposium — and the intent of the bodily fluid snoopers in attendance — was to call for an unprecedented, government-mandated expansion of both drug testing and the application of new drug […]

Health and Human Services delays… again.

The expected response to the petition by Americans for Safe Access has come… (thanks to atg in comments)

RE: Request for Correction of Infomlation Submitted by HHS Regarding the Medical Use of Marijuana

Dear Mr. Elford:

Your October 4, 2004, request for correction of information disseminated by the Department of Health and Human Services regarding […]

Barthwell challenged, runs away

In the State Journal-Register

The conflict reached a head this week, when Rep. Larry McKeon, D-Chicago, challenged Dr. Andrea Barthwell to a public debate about medical marijuana. Barthwell declined the challenge. …

McKeon charged that Barthwell’s seminars appear to be a smear campaign against his proposal. The lawmaker – who is living with AIDS – […]