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November 2003



Presidential Nomination Endorsement

Drug WarRant officially endorses Blake Ashby as the GOP nominee for President in 2004. From Ashby’s issue statement:

Medical Marijuana – If a doctor believes that his or her patient would benefit from the responsible use of medicinal marijuana, then that doctor should be allowed to legally prescribe it. For Americans suffering from debilitating […]

Now Accepting… Guest Rants

Drug WarRant has a new category: Guest Drug WarRant.

Got something to say about the Drug War? Can’t fit it in the 250 words letter to the editor format? Don’t want to bother maintaining your own blog? Have your own blog, but are itching to say something that won’t fit your format? Tired […]

Odds and Ends

Last One Speaks has some great stuff as usual. And thanks to Libby for her support on my little censorship problem. The Drug Sense Weekly and Drug War Chronicle newsletters are chock full of good stuff again this week. Be sure to check them out. The U.S. is continuing its boneheaded foreign drug policy […]

If we consider this a success, then it’s time to be very afraid.

Thailand: US Official Declares War On Drugs A Success.

William J. Snipes, the regional director of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, said the war on drugs has been effective… “Temporarily, we look at it as successful,” he said.

I had a slightly different view in my recent post on Thailand. But I guess that the DEA feels that the death of 2,245 people without investigation is just peachy-keen in an effective war on drugs.

The Thai government appeared to condone killing of drug suspects by unknown assailants as one method of fighting the drugs war,” [Amnesty] said.
Rights groups say most of the deaths were extrajudicial killings by police and security forces, in some cases under pressure to clear so-called blacklists of suspected drug dealers and users in their areas.
Amnesty said that on February 20, Somjit Kuanyuyen learned she was on a blacklist and reported to her local police station in Ban Lam District. After signing a paper and being told by police she was safe, Somjit returned home.
“Four unidentified men in a one-tonne pickup truck with darkened windows drove up to her house and shot her seven times in front of her seven-year-old granddaughter and her seven-months pregnant daughter,” Amnesty said.

Hey, it saves all that pesky evidence gathering and trials and stuff. No wonder the DEA likes it.

A Story for Thanksgiving

I’d like to tell you about a remarkable woman and her son. As you join with your family and give thanks for what you have, maybe her story will move you to help those who have been separated from their families. Isidro Aviles Isidro was 26 years old in 1990, when he was arrested […]

This could be good…

Thanksgiving Day at 1:00 pm Eastern, C-Span is airing a debate that includes a drug policy debate between William Bennett (moralizing drug warrior and gambler) and Kurt Schmoke (former Mayor of Baltimore and drug policy reform advocate).
Bennett’s a smooth talker, doesn’t get ruffled easily, and can make up “facts” on the spot to support anything he wants, but Schmoke’s no pushover. Should be interesting.

The lesson has already been learned with alcohol prohibition. We tried to engineer an alcohol-free society and ended up with huge criminal enterprises, government corruption, children lured into organized crime and random violence that took the lives of countless innocent people.

– Kurt Schmoke, Mayor of Baltimore

Drug-control programs are among the most successful public policy efforts of the latter half of the 20th century.

– William Bennett, former drug czar

Update/Correction: Schedule adjustment. The 1 pm Eastern program is a debate “Are we Sacrificing Civil Liberties to the War on Terrorism?” (also interesting) and the Bennett/Schmoke event is shown at 8 pm ET.

8:00pm ET:
-The Role of the Supreme Court: Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh, Alan Dershowitz and Barry Lynn discuss the question: “Is the Supreme Court Overstepping its Boundaries?” This event was held in October at Regent University in Virginia Beach.-The Future of American Drug Policy: Republican activist William Bennett and Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel argue against marijuana legalization, and Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and former Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke argued for it. This event was held last month in New York City, hosted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

Banned Flyer update

Yesterday, I mentioned that the University Residence Halls were preventing the posting of Hempfest flyers because they had a drawing of a hemp leaf, and that an appeal was in the works. Well, here’s the denial of that appeal:

I have reviewed the materials that you dropped off to me on November 20, 2003 […]

Is the media catching on?

From an editorial in the Aberdeen (SD) American News:

In a strange effort to protect the American public, the federal government has taken a hard stand against using marijuana for medicinal purposes…. Is the motivation to protect American consumers or is it to allow pharmaceutical companies sufficient time to develop a synthetic version of […]

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Three Men Who Provided Pot to Patients

From Americans for Safe Access:

Los Angeles(Monday, November 24, 2003) – Despite attempts by federal prosecutors to portray three former directors of a West Hollywood medical marijuana dispensary as common drug dealers, a federal judge showed leniency today and sentenced them to one year of probation, and between 100 and 250 hours of community […]


M.A.S.H. (Mobilizing Activists and Students for Hemp) is a student group I work with, and they are holding a Hempfest next week.

Thursday, December 4 3:00-8:00 pm Bowling and Billiards Center Activity Room Illinois State University (Normal, IL) Bands: Full Size Jimmy, Stefan Robinson from Free Space Music, Jaik Willis, Mike Williams, White Horse, […]