Now Accepting… Guest Rants

Drug WarRant has a new category: Guest Drug WarRant.
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  • Got something to say about the Drug War?
  • Can’t fit it in the 250 words letter to the editor format?
  • Don’t want to bother maintaining your own blog?
  • Have your own blog, but are itching to say something that won’t fit your format?
  • Tired of editors turning down your masterpieces?
  • Have your own drug war tragedy or victory to share?
  • or just want to get something off your chest?

Submit your Drug WarRant to me by email.
Guest rants do not have to agree with any of my positions, but they must deal in some way with the drug war. I’ll post everything from incoherent emotional tirades to reasoned detailed treatises of fact, and let the readers sort it out.
All guest rants will be only on the Guest Drug WarRant pages, although I reserve the right to select ones I particularly like and promote them here.

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