He’s back

Remember John P. Walters?


We know marijuana is linked to mental illness — so what are we doing? by John P. Walters in the New York Post.

Yep. The same nonsense that he was promoting years ago. It’s the old “link” to schizophrenia story. And our own Servetus debunked the whole scare earlier this year: Alleged cannabis links to psychosis busted

Of course, Walters buries the important part… “The skeptical will note the study establishes no specific cause-and-effect process, which is more of a caution than a flashing red light.”

In fact, as you continue to read, you understand that he’s simply using the usual scare tactics in the headline in the hopes that people won’t really comprehend the lack of any real… substance in what he writes. He says:

Use your experience.

Almost everyone has family members and friends who have become victims of addiction.

Sometimes it is marijuana, sometimes it is booze, marijuana and other drugs.

Look at the addicted you walk past on downtown streets and the violent mental illness you observe or see reported in the news almost every day.

Yes, some of that mental illness is probably fueled by other addictive drugs such as meth.

But ask yourself how pervasive marijuana use can possibly be harmless to families and communities.

Marijuana’s connection to serious mental-health problems has been reported and studied for more than 100 years.

Yep. It has. And there’s still nothing there to justify not legalizing marijuana.

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2 Responses to He’s back

  1. Servetus says:

    Former ONDCP Director John P. Walters has a few credibility problems. One is he’s now the CEO of a neocon “think tank” called the Hudson Institute whose tradition of thinking is to accept $7.9 million in funding from anonymous donors to defend or promote climate denial. His institute also attacked organic farming on behalf of Big Ag even though organic farming makes up just one-percent of the US agriculture industry. A military hardware manufacturer with a $10.7-billion-dollar yearly revenue, the Virginia based Huntington Ingalls Industries, hired the Hudson Institute to promote proposals to Congress that the US build some nuclear-powered 11-billion-dollar aircraft carriers and some more nuclear submarines.

    The Hudson Institute’s services are not free. Far from it. So a big question is who is paying John P. Walters or the Hudson Institute to propagandize against marijuana at this late date in its legalization process? Walters has been retired from the ONDCP since 2009 when he first joined the organization.

  2. Servetus says:

    Police in Uttar Pradesh, India, say rats ate over 500 kilograms of seized weed. The court wanted proof. Could researchers have provided the needed proof by investigating all the alleged marijuana-consuming psychotic rats roaming the streets?

    “There is no place in the police station where the stored goods can be saved from the rats. The remaining marijuana from the huge consignment was destroyed by officers,” the police prosecutor told the court. […]

    The Mathura police in Uttar Pradesh in a report submitted to a special Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (1985) court stated that rats ate over 5oo kilograms of confiscated marijuana stored in the warehouses of Shergarh and Highway police station […]

    The statement by the police was made after the court asked them to produce the 586 kilograms of marijuana recovered in a case registered under the NDPS Act. The Shergarh and Highway police station had seized 386 and 195 kg of marijuana in two different cases.

    “Being small in size, the rats have no fear of the police, nor can the police officers be considered experts in solving the problem,” the prosecutor said. […]

    Hindustan Times: Rats ate over 500 kg seized weed, says Mathura police, court asks for proof

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