Alleged cannabis links to psychosis busted

Neurologist Holly Elser, MD, PhD; and Keith Humphreys, PhD; Mathew V. Kiang, ScD; Swapnil Mehta, MD; Jong H. Yoon, MD; William O. Faustman, PhD; at the Department of Neurology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, have debunked prohibitionist propositions familiar to many readers here at Drug WarRant which implied that smoking marijuana leads to or causes schizophrenia:

Question: Is state cannabis legalization or commercialization associated with increased rates of psychosis-related health care claims?

Exposure: State cannabis legalization policies were measured for each state and month based on law type (medical or recreational) and degree of commercialization (presence or absence of retail outlets). […]

Main Outcomes and Measures: Outcomes were rates of psychosis-related diagnoses and prescribed antipsychotics. […]

Conclusions and Relevance: In this retrospective cohort study of commercial and Medicare Advantage claims data, state medical and recreational cannabis policies were not associated with a statistically significant increase in rates of psychosis-related health outcomes. […]

Findings: In this cohort study of claims data from 63,680,589 beneficiaries from 2003 to 2017, there was no statistically significant difference in the rates of psychosis-related diagnoses or prescribed antipsychotics in states with medical or recreational cannabis policies compared with states with no such policy. […]

Meaning: The findings of this study do not support an association between state policies legalizing cannabis and psychosis-related outcomes […]

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6 Responses to Alleged cannabis links to psychosis busted

  1. darkcycle says:

    Lol. Well, that basically cinches it. There is no POSSIBLE way to link cannabis legalization/use with psychoses. None. Bupkis. Not happening. Because: Keith Harrumphries. If he couldn’t create/infer/find ANY way to make a link happen, it just ain’t happening’.

    • Son of Sam Walton says:

      Dogs should be retrained to help their masters find the kindest of kind bud at dispos.

      Fingers crossed that another U.S. State legalizes cannabis by March time. With fentanyl getting busted around here in 12OZ quantities, the time for a disrupter is now.

      And Mindbloom offers Special K. So, food for thought when it comes to the American nightmare. Hallucinogens can help break the victim cycle.

  2. Son of Sam Walton says:

    And for all of you into that whole heavy metal hiking/camping out in the thick German forests in the mountains and hemp thing, have I got the website for you

    • NorCalNative says:

      Hey dude. Any thoughts on why legalization lost so badly? That 2-to-1 split surprised me.

  3. Son of Sam Walton says:

    So, I’ve heard that the dispos rushed in bulk to vote ‘no’ because they were afraid of the higher taxes written into the bill and what happened in California. I for one believe once a law is passed, then one can change/add/subtract from that law, as opposed to doing nothing/waiting for four years. So, I voted ‘Yes’. I knew my peeps–my dispo people would vote ‘no’ and looking at the economy, I don’t blame them, considering the gas station/bbq joint right next to them closed shop. The other end was the hardliners who never believed in cannabis. And the rest of the ‘no’ voters just believed ‘rec’ would be as wild as ‘medical’. Well, the average 30% THC 4% Terp OZ cost $80 . . . outdoor grown OZs cost $50 with THC levels in the 20%. High THC/Terp Dabs are $15 bucks on average per gram . . . live resin is $20-25 . . . though one can normally buy 7gram jars of dabs for $30 bucks after taxes and with a Vet discount. 1000 mg edibles are $40 dollars for the ‘Premium’ rich people stuff. RSO is $15 bucks a gram. Joints cost a buck on some days . . . coupons and a $100 dollar bill can knock off the ultra-expensive higher quality $7 gram flower to $4.20 a gram. The shit you want to cook with is $100 bucks for 100 grams and it’s at least in the high teens THC and 1.7% on Terps.

    And the State’s METRC contracts belong to the Devil, which creates hassles and would most likely worsen under a Rec compliance. METRC is known to rob the dispos of their cash by taking on fees set by ‘other state laws’ that are not ‘condoned under Oklahoma’ thus a slightly higher fee for adjustment purposes . . . so some big wig is making extra money by investing in METRC. It serves no purpose in Oklahoma because we’ve still got Chinese immigrants with bullets in their brains–execution-style murder. And METRC has been used to rob farmers of their land by forcing the sell of it to other nations (since lots of ‘titles’ owe money to the banks) and those farmers don’t even have to be pot growers to start of with, just in the way of big bud bucks. Maybe METRC works in other places, but it is abused here–dispos hate it unless they are large chains, and it harms people who actually need that cash . . . they just force you to use it, no matter what.

    I thought it would pass but I knew it had stiff opposition.

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