Seizing addictive drugs can be fatal

If failure can be defined as something that creates the very crisis it’s intended to prevent, then a recent Brown University study of close-proximity opioid overdoses in Indianapolis confirms suspicions that little else fails like the drug war when it comes to saving lives.

The [researchers] found that within seven, 14 and 21 days, opioid-related seizures of drugs by police were significantly associated with increased overdoses within 100, 250 and 500 meters of the seizure location. Most notably, the number of fatal overdoses was two-fold higher than expected within seven days and 500 meters following an opioid-related incident in which police seized drugs.

The researchers hypothesized that the increase in overdose events was because people who use opioids will generally seek out a new supply after losing access to their previous drug supply, and that new supply will have unknown potency. In addition, in the time period between losing the familiar supply and finding a new one, people using opioids can experience diminished tolerance to drugs. Accidentally ingesting a dose beyond one’s tolerance can be fatal. […]

Congratulations are due the Brown University research team for making ‘drug war’ another definition of failure and enabling it to appear next to synonyms like breakdown, malfunction, cataclysm, crash, defeat, ruin, collapse, catastrophe, miscarriage, tragedy, frustration, and disappointment.

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2 Responses to Seizing addictive drugs can be fatal

  1. OT…

    but I know this is one of Pete’s fave WO(s)D topics:

    Largest-ever “narco sub” intercepted off Colombia:

  2. Son of Sam Walton says:

    The Pentagon, the CIA, and the DEA warn of a massive amount of increased overdoses unlike ever seen in American history. The last time the Taliban outlawed heroin, it was to stop the funding of the NORTH, while creating a skyrocketing demand in prices for the reserves they held because they knew about 9/11 and the long 20-Year War to come shortly after (from Osama’s ‘Guide to Revolutionary Jihad’). Back in May, The Taliban invaded Iran and have also invaded Pakistan, while all three are fighting ISIS-K. The Taliban outlawed opium not because ‘Drugs Are Bad’, but because ‘Drugs Make Money’, for the ever-ever-ever growing ISIS-K. Every time ISIS or the Taliban outlawed drugs in their region, a big attack needing lots and lots of funding happens shortly . . . this is what happens when the ENTIRE world wakes up, jonesing for a shot of smack, but realizes that over 80% of the world’s DOPE has disappeared overnight, making the remaining dope 3-5 times more valuable in prices.

    YOU TAKE a cheap Dollar Genenaral lighter (drug money) that might cost a Buck after taxes and you take that cheap ass lighter to the most volatile area of your house, like the library or the garage and SPARK it. Chances are, you’ve created thousands if not millions of dollars worth of destruction with that single dollar bill . . . that is how much our 20 YEAR War costs to fight drug money.

    But the Silver lining goes to the Mexican farmers who for nearly a decade have seen their poppies lose value to the Taliban/ISIS/Al Qaeda, and synthetic opiates made in Chinese labs. YET, Mexico has ZERO ability to meet the world’s ‘Dope’ needs, though they are the next candidates to supply the world its entire amount of dope. Part of this reason is because of the Civil War currently happening in SE Asia over in Burma, meaning the Golden Triangle hasn’t been a major producer since Vietnam. BUT, Mexico will have to stretch its poppy dust with fentanyl.

    So, we are going to see 20 times the amount of Fentanyl being distributed by the Mexican Cartels just so they can hook up North America and Europe. More death.

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