Ohio Theocrats Want Cannabis Criminalized

Baptist pastors in Ohio launched their own private drug war in a deliberate breach of the separation of church and state:

“We support vibrant communities and encourage policymakers to “Believe Local,”Mansfield Pastor Joe Nichols said during the press conference. “Therefore, based on local community standards reflected in its history and leadership, and as clergymen representing one hundred and ten (110) congregations across North Central Ohio, we believe the legalization of recreational marijuana and the relaxation of drug enforcement laws like syringe exchange programs and designated outdoor refreshment areas disrupt health and safety and are morally wrong.” …During the briefing, Pastor Chad Hayes sounded the alarm on the substance abuse crisis. Hayes leads a faith-based RU Recovery drug treatment ministry to battle drug addiction. […]

Believing is one thing. Acting on it is another. Religious groups that assume the role of government risk being seriously disliked just as if they were actual bureaucrats or politicians. Preventing people from obtaining the optimal medicines they need as an effective addition to addiction or pain treatments, cancer treatments, or as an anxiolytic and anti-depressant, can lead to open revolt. Marijuana and psilocybin decriminalization/legalization has been a revolt of sorts. Thomas Jefferson would have approved, “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

Anthea Butler’s book, White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America, presents the moral dilemma of legislating morality when it’s based on racist or xenophobic intent. When facing questions of moral right or wrong, a person’s mind isn’t always changed by the passage or enforcement of laws. Legislators know this. In practice, evangelical lawmakers make detrimental use of divisive moral problems to generate scofflaws who can be singled out for crossing moral lines drawn in a shifting sand.

Numerous Ohio evangelicals are using marijuana prohibition to make a distinction between themselves and other groups for the purpose of defamation, domination, exploitation, or elimination of the other. Nothing about this is new. In biblical times, a symbol or indicator of the other was called a shibboleth. Within the dark and secretive confines of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, it was referred to as an indicium. Heresy in ancient societies was as simple as exhibiting the wrong accent when some unfortunate outlier was forced to say the word shibboleth. Identified members of outlying groups or tribes, or those who suffered a speech impediment such as a lisp, would then be summarily put to death.

Fortunately, hashish was still legal in the 4th century as it had been for thousands of years previously. Its joyful use made early Christianity much more tolerable and less a social and political pain than it is today.

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  1. NorCalNative says:

    Faith-based drug rehab? No thank you.

    …Marijuana and psilocybin decriminalization/legalization has been a revolt of sorts. Yeah? I live a short drive from a NorCal community (Arcata) that has decriminalized psilocybin. Yesterday my neighbor brought me an ounce of psilocybin. It fills a gallon-sized ziplock bag pretty good. NCN hasn’t tripped since using LSD in 2000.

    Mushrooms are easier to titrate dosing than a small pill. Visiting the Angels is awesome but smaller doses are cool too. Micro-dosing seems superior to caffeine IMO. As a guitar player I’m looking forward to the next couple of months.

    • Son of Sam Walton says:

      Do you lemon-tek? Lemon digests your mushrooms for you, causing your peak to come in the first hour and thus your mushroom experience is like only 3-4hrs before you go back to ‘normal’ . . . and you do not lose anything, in fact, I feel that it forces me to feel more because of how fast it kicks in and then brings you back to fully deal with it, without the lingering come down, thus a clear-headed euphoria is present asap, which lasts thick for about 4-7 days (like I’m on a cocaine drip). Plus nausea is just a word after lemon-teking. I’ll never eat mushrooms or drink a normal mushroom tea again after soaking them 15 minutes in lemon juice. 8grams of dried is the most I’ll ever do anymore, but my normal dose 3-3.5 grams as a way to not get too weird and not reduce any needed emotional/spiritual connections while getting damn good visuals and music enhancement.

      Double Bline Magazine is an online mushroom journal that is pretty up-to-date on everything mushroom/LSD etc Microdose. Lots of info and new articles.

      Will you only be doing micro-dosing or are you exploring options in your dossage, like 1.5 grams to 2 grams etc? Right now, an hour of strong traditional Native American music is playing from my favorite Alternative rock station . . . if you love Heavy Metal, gangster rap, House/Rave, Waylon Jennings, chill, jazz, new rock, reggae (1950s or new), 1930s Gospel, music that will be dubbed ‘pop’ one year from now, Phil Collins, a Grateful Dead hour, 1950s rock hits, 1940s honky tonk, Danish/Finish Surf rock from 1963, Latin music from nations all over the Spanish language world like Argentia or Uruguay, underground favorites and punk rock–have I got the FM radio station for you. rsuradio.com I don’t trip to any other radio station. Hell, they even play music from India from time to time and Iran and Hank Williams and South Africa.

      Take Care NorCal and my your trips lead you to the places you want. And may all your buds be high in terps as they are in THC.

      • NorCalNative says:

        Mouth, thanks for the comment. Using lemon as you describe sounds interesting. I’ll have to give it a try.

        I’ve been following psilocybin research for the past few years and the results have suggested a resetting of the endocannabinoid system and a return to health. That’s a valuable tool to have around,

        Last time I tripped I was in my late 40s, now I’m 67. I started with one mushroom probably less than one gram and followed that up with 3 the next day. I never experienced a “bad” trip on psychedelics but the 3 shrooms left me a bit anxious and irritable. I felt a bit uncomfortable and that surprised me.

        I had some mild hallucination with a hint of colorful images with eyes closed. And, I didn’t get anywhere near my guitars which also surprised me. LSD used to make me play for hours and hours straight but the 3-shroom dose I didn’t even listen to music. That dose was probably in the 1-to-2 gram range.

        I’m probably misusing the term micro-dosing. What interests me in part, cuz I’m an old fart is the stimulant-energy that “small” doses give without seriously interrupting daily activities.

        That 3-to-3 1/2 grams range is where I initially thought I’d be heading. Now? Not so sure. Did I age-out of my desire to trip? Don’t know yet. Psychedelics have been a life-changing experience for me.

        In January of 2018 the Journal of Psychopharmacology published a paper titled “Increased nature relatedness and decreased authoritarian political views after psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression.

        From the studies Rationale: Previous research suggests that classical psychedelic compounds can induce lasting changes in personality traits, attitudes and beliefs in both healthy subjects and patient populations.

        The answer to Trumpism and authoritarianism? Can we start putting this stuff in the water supply? Take care and be safe.

      • Frank W. says:

        When I was young it was a common belief that vitamin C would intensify an LSD trip.

        • Son of Sam Walton says:

          I’ve also heard it being used as a supplement to reduce bad trips and others from the science department side saying that it won’t do jack. Hunter S Thompson liked grapefruit and limes and limes are good enough to be used instead of lemons when prepping ground up–powdered mushrooms in a teabag to be soaked in the juice for 15 min before placing the hot-but not simmering tea, and drank with Ginger, honey, and mint, which are our stomach’s friends. Coffee is good for mushrooms when drank just before and during, but then again, Coffee is the New Red Wine.

          I only do it on an empty stomach and most of the time I do it usually around 1-2pm, that way by late 7pm that night, I can eat a glutton of a meal (pizza, bbq, ice cream, pancakes), watch the tube and off to bed by 11ish. So, my peak is blazing strong at 3-5pm and by 7, the idea of eating or food isn’t alien, but gladly accepted with visuals all but gone. 15-20 min to soak in lemon and another 15 to fully soak in the tea. And they say one should listen to the same music or equivalent that one’s mushrooms were exposed to if they were homegrown . . . I never go anywhere through hyperextended space/time without several good bands, since the ever-changing songs forces the mood to go up and down and side-ways, interdimensional . . . songs from the same album are all the same most of the time when it comes to mood, so one might feel too happy or too down for extended periods of time on the trip, hence radio stations.

          Shock: Trump signed a law giving patients the right to eat magic mushrooms . . . terminally ill get the first dib to rights, followed by PTSD/Depression. Yet the DEA, like most of America’s law enforcement, never supported the Donald’s law or the right to try act he signed.

  2. strayan says:

    Cracker of an article about some slick ‘Sabet’esque type character who’s shown up in San Fran: https://twitter.com/zachwritesstuff/status/1525847402334367744?s=21&t=6RuVPr8oCZL5bcrOhAK9cA

  3. Son of Sam Walton says:

    Phillippines’ very own President Dorito talks shit about Putin, stating that he only went after criminals, not children and elders.

    Wow, When the bad guy tells another bad guy you are despicable with no moral code. Probably because Russian dictators can do so much damage, it would make Hitler blush and be a bit jealous . . . then you’ve got the Chinese that outperforms in every department from math to manufacturing–to genocide. Spread out on the timeline, Uncle Sam’s dangerous, corrupt, and murderous escapades are but maybe fourteen to twenty-one pages long in the history book of wrongs . . . the Chinese and Russian chapters being a few hundred pages once combined. Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t get the Ukraine treatment in this new proxy war. Yes, we still exploited them–but oil companies from China and Russia and Europe and Canada have drilled them like a group of businessmen in Thailand to a group of teenage prostitutes–same with Afghanistan, which most countries have now left, sans neighboring China. And in this part of the U.S., we’ve blended our State Laws with Tribal laws due to the fact the whole State is one Giant Indian Reservation on the east and central side and non-res central and west . . . not even the Crimeans got the kind of preservation rights the Cherokees got, though I cannot speak for the Sioux or Crow in other states that more closely segregated them–even taking away their children. Our Constitution breaths–extends boxing match kind of rights for the tough fights that take half a century or longer to win. America is like strong ass synthetic pot, but those countries are like fentanyl . . . I Watched Rambo kick some Burmese pirates’ and gov’t soldiers’ asses for kidnapping villagers and Christian missionaries, and have come upon Burmese people at my job wearing Donald Trump Style Red Hats that Read: Make Burma Free Again . . . and then there is the big genocide happening over there in a 76yr long civil war, fueled by good meth and less and less heroin/opium that fuels so much of the arms business in those wars.

    Now, Jeff Bezos is Selling Russian stuff to American shoppers via all that says “Made in China” due to the dilution process sanctions need to be filtered through . . . and Target and Walmart, and Ford are doing it too–selling Russian oil turned into plastics and Russian mountains turned into steel, handed over to either China or India.

    One huge sad narrative pumping up from somewhere is that “America–your Past and Shopping Make you so Horrible, Your Guilt should Freeze you from Taking One Step in either direction, out of fear, it is the Same Wrong Path we’ve felt guilt over”. A big pride in my ‘heritage’ is a Comedian Confederate high ranking officer by the name, ‘Constitution’ who lost everything fighting for an absolute restriction and degradation of the current Constitution he was so named after by his Revolutionary War officer grandparents/parents . . . and apparently, Sequoyah is related to me either by blood or marriage because of his Scottish last name . . . and an 8th-grade dropout who wound up becoming a woman lawyer in Arkansas was good enough to help create Social Security with FDR back in the Sludging 30s. So, I’m thoroughly drenched in a sweet n sour mix of pessimism and optomism. Out of everything coming out of his mouth, when holding many books up from other countries, I find that a certain controversial Fox News host scares me about Ukraine since he’s using data I’ve begged my politicians to crunch on back in 2015 and 2017 from the shit I learned in Iraq in 2008, and keeping my ears and relationships close with the locals of Africa and the Balkins (contract workers for Uncle Sam’s business partners) . . . and what kills us is straight-party voting . . . I vote Republican and Democrat mixed since Democracy is like a combination lock one must turn to the right and then twist back to the left and then again to the center, etc. Untested names are not like SEC backed companies one can have 20yrs of data on, so It is okay to vote based on name, achievements/job, or their looks when one is a Political Swinger, and it is A-Okay to only vote for them once and no more, though 2yrs of Congress is screwy and forces them to focus half their time keeping their jobs.

    May everybody on the couch find on Amazon Prime Day, a package of 27.5% THC Hybrid 50/50 buds, containing 1.93% CBD and 7.28% Terps–weighing just over 32 grams once all the stems and that one seed are removed. And may we all learn the ways of the Indo-Cannabinoid System.

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