Are drug wars protection rackets?

A protection racket is an organized crime in which racketeers threaten and scare people to force them to pay a monetary tribute to the racketeers to avoid future harm. A racketeer can be a criminal, politician, corrupt government, or any one of their organized accomplices.

Few differences exist between protection racketeers and prohibitionists. Prohibitionists promise American taxpayers reliable public safety from illegal drugs at a bargain-basement price. Then they direct massive and expensive drug arrests by law enforcement that ruin millions of lives with fines and other criminal sanctions. Protection rackets don’t always protect.

Part of a prohibitionist’s tribute is called forfeiture, otherwise known as confiscation of the type that emerged as one of the triggers of the American Revolution against the British. Forfeiture might involve the confiscation of a person’s automobile once drugs are found or planted in the vehicle. Exclusion from voting rights, public office, and employment by the FBIare part of a wide portfolio of authoritarian sanctions. No detail is left untouched. Harm prevention is scorned. Fines are still levied in some states for possessing marijuana while not purchasing a state marijuana tax stamp to accompany it. Homes can be raided with no-knock warrants using conventional law enforcement or SWAT teams armed with military hardware, all for some trivial amount of drug cash believed stored in someone’s hallway closet. Evidence tends to come from some informant under legal duress who says it’s there. A drug cash raid for a non-recovered $8000 resulted in the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor. Police officers have been injured or killed in similar military-style confrontations.

Funding for drug war racketeers will continue as long as prohibitionists can manufacture consent by making civilians believe that fire and brimstone await those who smoke marijuana or take forbidden drugs. Decades of relentless public training in the popular detestation of illegal drugs and their consumers has been a steady windfall for various bureaucrats, politicians, and the dominionist religious groups whose members dominate the ranks of drug enforcement. Giving up a drug war is like beating an addiction. Drug war addicts may well need interventional drug treatment to educate them about their destructive habit.

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  1. Son of Sam Walton says:

    Racism helped to boldly and significantly create and weld itself to the War on Drugs, even after the 1961 U.N. Laws. Black Skin is Criminal Suspect, alone, according to Michelle Alexander. And Racism of Black Americans is very much responsible for higher gas prices right now during this Russian invasion of Ukraine to help connect the Georgia Pipeline and the old Soviet Union . . . because the War on Drugs ultra-funded terrorism, Putin (who is this Sanctions fellow?), and the Cartels to the point that the old hatred of Black skin became reason enough to invade Iraq for Oil (2007 Denationalized oil), because Half a Million in Laundered Drug Money funded a small group of Al Qaeda on 9/11, creating the bandwagon in which we gave China a ride, who of course can make all our oil based plastics since we live in a sea of oil from carpets to cups in the cupboard. The creation of Black Criminal Suspects enabled Black Rock, Vanguard and others to help keep the majority vote in all our corporations, along with All That Oil from Iraq, in which is costing us more money than we are making. The WAR ON DRUGS gives the 1% their 99% of the Pie since the idea of Black People smoking and selling crack is how we’ve come to Invade Iraq , harm Latin America, and mangle our borders . . . and quite possibly offer China more oil through Russia’s new business ventures or A Detour Through Sanctions, since the KeyStone Pipeline is off the Table (for now).

    The Racism of Black People inspire big investors to control the politicians and corporations, and we FEAST off of Iraqi Flesh when we use our Apple gadgets and go running in our New Balance synthetic fiber outfits/shoes. Then you’ve got Afghanistan and all the mountain guts China uses from that nation to fill our TECH.

    NIXON and the Fed founded the original BitCoin with our endless creation of dollars , now we’ve got another $1.5 Trillion.

  2. Son of Sam Walton says:

    What I wrote to Several of America’s Reps today and more for tomorrow:

    “$500,000 (half a mill) in laundered drug money sent every American Law Enforcement Officer from Key West, Florida to frostbite, Alaska on months of special standby alertness, plus it closed down the American Stock Market for One Week, and closed down every Airport in the U.S. for almost 7 full days. That was 9/11. Then you have BIG September 2020, one Month after Apple Computers announced their $2 Trillion evaluation and of course that July, Italy confiscated 1.1 Billion Euros worth of Meth manufactured in Syrian labs held by ISIS (as opposed to the times they never busted ISIS or others for similar, smaller, and larger amounts).

    But, on 2011 and 2012, not a single member of America’s Law Enforcement sent a representative or two from their department or precinct to arrest the Federal Judges and Federal Prosecutors for cutting deals with Wachovia (now belonging to Wells Fargo) and HSBC Bank to continue laundering untold dozens of Billions in Drug money for Putin, Al Qaeda, the Cartels, the Taliban, Iran, Hamas, etc. Nobody went to jail for treason and nobody lost their job for laundering billions in drug money in places where a buck can buy enough ammo to create thousands of dollars worth of damage. Death is cheap, repairs and fighting back and security is very expensive. The fine they paid isn’t even worth mentioning (if the Ukraine invasion isn’t FAKE NEWS . . . drug money for decades invested in the market in glorious ways, plus NFTs, BitCoin, DAOs, VC/Unicorns, other crypto/blockchain assets/e-contracts bought by the millions—collecting pennies per-contract and Private Equity).

    September 2020 discovered JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, BNY Mellon, Deutsche, etc bragging of Laundering Northwards of $2 Trillion since 1999 (Apple started in 1977 and didn’t receive $2 trill till August 2020). No cop arrested the FED or the Bankers, thus the bankers had no incentive to stop aiding Putin who offered laundered money for American Heads/deaths back in Afghanistan, and it gave the Taliban enough money (with compounding interests from dividends/options/derivatives/bonds reinvested) to wait us out.

    During tough prices on food and fuel—seeing empty grocery store shelves for bread and poultry, Create a Law giving Veterans of the War on Terror the right to Confiscate the Property and bank accounts of America’s Law Enforcement so WE CAN Survive inflation. A cop and his family be damned before me if I have to pay more to drive mine to Montana for a vacation today than five years ago after I WARNED all of you about this—compared all of you to the Pearl Harbor Generation that had Ration Cards, War Bonds, and no bank bailouts.

    Civil Asset Forfeiture of 30% of their retirement benefits and property and pay from 2011 on forward should be sufficient, plus an additional 30% to Veterans by reducing their Medical and 401K. 60% of our enemies’ overall annual funding comes from drug money before, on, and after 9/11. I thought Treason During a Time of War was Treason. Well, if a group of men are making passionate sexual love to a dozen 9yr old girls and boys, then Cops and Politicians will always be the first to recognize it as the New Office Furniture, using it and sitting on it. God Bless the Battle of Athens, Tennessee 1946.”

    • Son of Sam Walton says:

      Where is Jean Valjean? Uncle Albert’s Nephew? Freeman? Thelbert? DdC? Tony Aroma? Mr_Alex? Thinking Clearly? Duncan? CJ? Primus? Kaptn? Will? Daniel Williams?

      Democracy’s Heavyweights? TikTok can influence people not to just vote, but to write to politicians. Viva the Roaring Pycladelic Twenties!

      • Son of Sam Walton says:

        I mean “Viva the Roaring Psychedelic Twenties!”

      • Will says:

        Hello Son of Sam Walton,

        Will here. Obviously I haven’t haunted Drug War Rant in quite some time. But that appears to be true of other Rant regulars. I don’t post on many of the drug war sites I used to frequent. That’s not by design, I just stopped for some reason. While I used to be Will from Texas, I’m now Will from North Carolina. Best move I ever made. And hello Pete, I hope all is well with you.

      • Daniel Williams says:

        I left due to all the political illiteracy stinking up the couch.

  3. strayan says:

    It happened again. UK police strip searched a child because they smelled like cannabis:

    • Son of Sam Walton says:

      Chastity Belts for kids to protect their private parts from being sniffed, touched, and tased by police in the search for a drug that just may not be there.

      But then again, if the kid looks “Street Wise” then it is okay since that refers to ‘adult’ age. Black people look older in their youth?

      HAVE YOU seen the new Mexico Map of Cartels: it looks groovy like Camo rave fashion . . . that is how bizarre the cartel borders have stretched and shifted.

  4. Son of Sam Walton says:

    What is the difference between American economics and currency and Chinese economics and currency? America’s economy and currency are backed by the Faith and Credit of the People and the Government–not gold. While China’s economy and currency are backed by the Faith and Credit of the People and the Government–not gold. This is the pivotal difference between the two.

    Like endless printed BitCoin: Money for nothing, so people can buy real assets/products out of thin air or the notional rise of the value of thin air if they buy, not mine bitcoin. Yet, printed paper is at least backed by People, Credit, and Government, unlike bitcoin. Bitcoin is theft and the truly valuable BlockChain doesn’t have to exist in tandem with crypto. Crypto allows the bankers to rake in real cash–real goods and property by simply selling air or nothingness . . . less Value than Subprime Credit and Mortgages and in sync with the creating of Synthetic CDOs, and false ratings by rating agencies.

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