Drug Wars and Racism in Foster Care

It’s as if everything the drug war touches is corrupted or destroyed. The U.S. child foster care system is no exception.

From 2000 to 2011, researchers estimate one third of children in the U.S. were subject to a child neglect or abuse investigation — including more than 50 percent of Black children, according to a groundbreaking report…researcher Lisa Sangoi of the Movement for Family Power…exposes the foster system as rife with drug war attitudes and state violence. […]

The number of children taken from their parents and placed in foster care has risen in recent years, most often for “neglect” and “drug use,” although critics say child protective services (CPS) agencies often conflate drug use and neglect…In 2017, 83 percent investigations into alleged child maltreatment were closed after no evidence of mistreatment was found. […]

In 2014, the foster system allocated nearly three time as much money on removing and maintaining children outside of their original homes than on services aimed at keeping families together… a significant portion of the cases in family courts allege parental neglect based on drug use. Data varies across the country, but by some estimates, about 80 percent all foster system cases involve drug use at some point in the life of the case…. While these cases range from occasional cannabis use to debilitating substance use disorders, parents and their advocates agree that virtually every case is characterized by “gross misinformation” on the science of drug use…. The system also conflates treatment noncompliance with bad parenting, even as parents are attempting to juggle time-consuming [drug] treatment programs with making money and taking care of their kids.

“The judge stated I had been utilizing poor coping mechanisms because I discussed the potential of buying marijuana … and that justified removing my children from my care and removing me from home and making me homeless,” Brico said.

The racist myth that Black and Brown mothers were giving birth to drug-addicted “crack babies” has been thoroughly debunked, but at the time, the term was thrown around recklessly by pundits and lawmakers eager to blame poor people for the conditions of their poverty. Researchers now know that prenatal exposure to cocaine, has little to no effect on a child’s long-term physical and cognitive development. The same goes for cannabis, which some pregnant people use to treat morning sickness. Research shows that the stresses and harms of poverty, however, can have a tremendous impact on child development. […]

Myth-busting common drug stereotypes would likely have succeeded whereas drug-busting failed to preserve the lives of citizens like George Floyd who died because of a myth that says Black men on drugs are violent and require physical restraint. Many others are cut down in some way by botched or racist drug enforcement that seeks to cure poverty by eliminating the impoverished.

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  1. strayan says:

    New Zealanders have discovered Sabet’s outfit SAM are trying to influence their referendum and they’re not happy about it: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/government-accuses-big-american-anti-cannabis-group-interfering-in-nz-politics

    • NorCalNative says:

      SAM claims some wealthy donor as their primary source of income. However, it’s been found that they’ve received tax payer money through ONDCP where Sabet spent some time working.

      I don’t know whether US tax payer money was used for their effort in New Zealand but it’s interesting that SAM would try to spread propaganda there.

      New Zealand is one of only two countries in the world that allow direct-to-consumer advertising for Pharmaceuticals. “Ask your doctor if this pill is right for you?” The United States is the other country.

      Sabet and Big Pharma fear old hippies like myself who quit all prescribed meds. I haven’t given them a dime for over 7 years. Give communities access to good cannabis and many will reduce or quit prescriptions altogether. It’s a wealth-reduction scheme that has had Pharma worried since MMJ burst on the scene in the 90s.

      It also seems interesting that J&J purchases opium from New Zealand’s neighbor Tasmania.

      Sabet’s job is to fuck up the flow of public discussion on weed to protect Pharmaceutical companies. Choke on some fake CBD gummy bears you fat fuck.

  2. Sociopath watcher says:

    More DARE in the headlights….
    Murderous police officer at 13:30 on the video “When I was teaching DARE” nuff said


  3. DdC says:

    Is there really anyone left on the planet that doesn’t know about the drug war devastation, and are just too unaware how, afraid or vested to change it? All of the progress since the internet gave a platform to inform, the mainstream media still censors. Ganja remains a Schedule#1 narcotic, addictive, no med value and a menace to society. While big pharma products like fentanyl are sold legally as S#2. In spite of the tons of evidence to the contrary. It can’t even get a discussion to reach the floor of the Senate.

    ☛ https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ebyx7A0U8AI_76t?format=jpg

    50 years of racism of which 25 years the Black Caucus fought with Sembler, Walters, McCaffrey, Bennett, Calvina, Sabet and the other child molesters. Mostly people of color are serving time for possession and not getting into the business end of quasi legal states. Prohibitionist nazi freaks are always involved in writing policy. Along with cops. Why not defrocked priests day care?

    ☛ Ganjawar and Child Protection Racketeering

    No doctors are taught the ECS. Over taxing and no one giving two shits. Stealing babies from Ganja moms a lot longer than at the border. Research funding blocked as S#1. FDA still hasn’t verified the 1999 IOM report held by the HHS. Hemp now over regulated to a GMO Monsanto monopoly, if only by cost and lack of infrastructure to produce the alternative products. Corruption in plain sight, even praised by the Lie & Odor crowds.

    ☛ JAMA:Cannabis:Doctors Know Nothing

    ☛ NO Med School teaches the ECS science
    as an organized course

    ☛ https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EbyzK2eUMAEWMwe?format=jpg

    BLM and racism is still fought the same as the drug war, without regards to the Roman Fascism tools of segregating 1st from 2nd class citizens both are. No one is born racist, its taught the same as reefer madness. 400 years of American racism got cheap labor. Yankees are as racist as the South or Lincoln. The industrial Revolution made the tractor cheaper than housing a dozen slaves, and a few rednecks to watch them. The migration gave cheaper than white labor in the cities construction era. Stoners were added to the list by Nixon. Although the stats have less cauc asians of the 13,000,000 arrested. Plus extra punishment built in by Biden & Co. No college tuition assistance, organ transplants, some jobs, housing and still fear mongered as dangerous,

    ☛ The Surprising Reason the U.S.
    May Be Reluctant to Legalize Marijuana

    ☛ https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Eb3B_5XUwAAy7hV?format=jpg

    ☛ Cannabis: USA’s Fastest⬆Sector
    15%⬆240,000 Full-Time Jobs

    ☛ Marijuana use among older Americans up 75% in 4 years

    ☛ Federal Cannabis Legalization
    Could Be Worth $128.8 Billion in Taxes
    and 1.6 Million Jobs

    ☛ https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ebyx72GUYAAHGAU?format=jpg

    Profits are the Prophets

  4. Son of Sam Walton says:

    Fostering the Black right out of little kids. Like Native Americans and their schools or later on, adoptions. Those who are not their parents cannot always promote the child’s identity, thus children forced to have no parents by the State are forced to have their identity rounded off. This results in foster kids leaving foster home with half of who they are or less and this makes the adult world more difficult due to a lack of identity being formed in younger years. This also promotes a learned trait that others need to raise one’s future child since to raise your own child isn’t really normal. If Man was meant to raise their own children, then we wouldn’t have this kind of foster care system. If my child acts up, then the State is to blame for lack of discipline.

    A disruption in the human development chain: it does’t take a rocket scientist to realize that my actions are your responsibility.

    It’s like early lock up, but for the kids . . . punished for mommy and daddy for either not wanting to stay inside or not fitting inside a box.

    When the people are taught that responsibility is not within their reach or their rights, then it is obvious that anyone who says “that the fires and looting in our cities has created damage,” must be racist, drowning in white privilege.

  5. Son of Sam Walton says:

    July 1st:
    ISIS or the Islamic State was busted with $1.12 billion euros worth of amphetamines in Italy.

    I’ve long known ISIS were some of the largest dopers on the block . . . selling tons of Hashish and Marijuana grown in ISIS controlled lands and other places, though setting a blaze to drugs meant for ‘local’ consumption as a way to seize moral control.

    When one thinks of ISIS, the first picture that comes to their mind is trafficking Cocaine and heroin, logically speaking that is . . . that’s if all your info on ISIS comes from reading and not Fox news. ISIS militants have a hard time getting gainful employment at Starbucks or Walgreens to not only fund their war, but their families, so they resort to selling drugs. That’s why you normally picture ISIS when you think of rolling on MDMA bought in Amsterdam or Glasgow, logically speaking that is.

  6. RaiseDixie says:

    He’s in the perfect place to split the Alabama vote 3 ways and go out like a real Rebel. So now that he’s lost the Republican primary, how do we convince Jeff Sessions to do a 3rd Party run?

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