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Drug Wars and Racism in Foster Care

It’s as if everything the drug war touches is corrupted or destroyed. The U.S. child foster care system is no exception. From 2000 to 2011, researchers estimate one third of children in the U.S. were subject to a child neglect … Continue reading

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Taking advantage of the window for criminal justice reform

[cross-posted from Facebook] A friend of mine recently posted: “I wish Breonna Taylor got as much attention as Aunt Jemima.” Absolutely. I love the enthusiasm across the board, but I do hope there can be enough focus on actually accomplishing … Continue reading

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The ever-popular ‘there might be drugs’ excuse

Force Against Protesters Was Necessary Because Of… Drug Traffickers, Feds Assert The supposed presence of “drug trafficking organizations” at protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death justified the use of “escalated force” at the demonstrations, U.S. Customs and Border … Continue reading

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Get off my lawn

Maybe I’m getting old, but it makes me just a little bit cranky to see everybody on Facebook finally “discovering” that our criminal justice system is broken. SMH

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DEA becomes latest all-purpose hammer for the corrupt Justice Department to use domestically

For an agency that has always looked at the world as a nail. The DEA Has Been Given Permission To Investigate People Protesting George Floyd’s Death The Drug Enforcement Administration has been granted sweeping new authority to “conduct covert surveillance” … Continue reading

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