Little Proof that Drug Counseling Works

A study headed by Elizabeth O’Connor, PhD, at the Kaiser Permanente Evidence-based Practice Center in Portland, Oregon, has bad news for drug counselors and the youth-focused drug prevention industry:

26-MAY-2020–Bottom Line: The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has concluded that current evidence is insufficient to make a recommendation regarding primary care-based behavioral counseling interventions to prevent illicit drug use (including nonmedical use of prescription drugs) in children, adolescents and young adults. The USPSTF routinely makes recommendations about the effectiveness of preventive care services and this recommendation is consistent with its 2014 statement, although it now includes young adults ages 18-25. Illicit drug use, defined as the use of substances (not including alcohol or tobacco products) that are illegally obtained or involve nonmedical use of prescription medications, contributes to the leading causes of death among young people ages 10-24. […]

Further conclusions and relevance:

…The evidence for behavioral counseling interventions to prevent initiation of illicit and nonmedical drug use among adolescents and young adults was inconsistent and imprecise, with some interventions associated with reduction in use and others associated with no benefit or increased use. Health, social, and legal outcomes were sparsely reported, and few showed improvements.

A thorough investigation of the efficacy of drug prevention has long been overdue.

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7 Responses to Little Proof that Drug Counseling Works

  1. Matthew Marshall says:

    HSBC bank getting away with using the bailout money to pay fines for laundering Drug money for Radical Islam proves that 100% of our police force is Radicalized by Islam. Actions will speak louder than words. During a time of war, cops had legal access to arrest the Federal Prosecutors and judges for letting the banks get away. Legal Precedents is ice thick enough to walk across.

    Hash TAG: All Cops Are Fighting For Al Qaeda given we have evidence to prove drugs are still illegal after 9/11 was fully funded by drug money–drug money American cops refused to bust, as seen in HSBC walking free.

  2. JacobStrontflinger says:

    You can still be saved!

  3. SilviaSF says:

    “The system as it is now is a free-for-all, it’s unregulated and uncontrolled and forces people to dip their toes into the black market,” said McKinnel, who spent several years on the police drug squad.

    “Police spend a great deal of time and money fighting cannabis, with helicopter recovery operations, or with uncovering underground growing operations. It’s a drain not only on policy but on our courts and prisons.”

  4. Son of Sam Walton says:

    Start investing in Private Prisons because there will be more black bodies in jail because these new rounds of protests will put less blAck bodies into cemeteries. The war on drugs is the Jim crow laws and so much more

    • WalStMonky says:


      The prison REITS aren’t anyplace to invest. Buying those securities would be god telling you that you have too much money.


      It isn’t as if they’ve been taking market share. Also the comparison to government owned prisons is differentiation without distinction. There most certainly have been, and probably still are government owned prisons rife with systemic corruption.

  5. WalStMonky says:

    Why Marijuana Legalization Funds The Police

    In Colorado, cannabis taxes fund diversion and addiction-recovery programs, which are administered by the police.

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