Britain’s Drug War Problem

Few events are as likely to produce a marijuana legalization activist as the individual who gets busted for pot by their dad and then dumped into some medieval-minded drug rehab. Just ask his current highness the Duke of Sussex. Cannabis concerns in the UK have produced an unusual alliance between church and monarchy aiding legalization:

Now that the UK has the distinction of being the largest global exporter of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes, the Church of England appears to be blessing this bounty. As reported by The Times, “The Church Commissioners for England, who handle £8.2 billion of church assets, ban investment in companies that profit from recreational drugs but said for the first time that they would consider investing in companies that work with medicinal marijuana now that it is legal in the UK.” […]

So do these moves point to the advent of a new form of high Anglican church? Here the ICBC blog points to a not-so-surprising source, Meghan and Harry, a.k.a. the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. (Harry had to go to a rehab clinic after being caught by his dad for smoking cannabis, while Meghan handed out cannabis gift bags at her … wedding in 2016, and has a cannabis strain named after her called Markle’s Sparkle.) As this royal couple continues to break with tradition, will they be groundbreakers in normalizing cannabis on a global scale?

Some recently married couples with one or more partners arrested and felonized for marijuana or magic mushroom possession may not appear as optimistic as those now residing in opulent British palaces. Regrettably, US prohibitionist forces still retain control of vast land areas rife with poverty, suicides, opioid ODs, and unavailable or inadequate healthcare services due in part to a drug war that discourages safe medicinal and recreational options that can be astonishingly beneficial.

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  1. Gray Heat says:

    “and unavailable or inadequate healthcare services due in part to a drug war that discourages safe medicinal and recreational options”

    A large portion of the left, especially outside the Americas, are also prohibitionists. In UK Labour doesn’t support legal access but the more right wing Libdems and far-left Greens do.

  2. Mouthy says:

    Still, Cocaine in Britain is more popular than ever, so I hear. And Welsh’s Trainspotting just shows of the failure of England caving in under the Untied States, I mean, the U.N. Singles’ laws, outlawing in 1964. Legal Cannabis will take away users of other hard drugs if it is treated correctly by the state.


    Just bought my first Oklahoma legal medical cannabis with the card. I bought a $32 8th of Jack Herer for the man who brought the ‘Emperor’ and much more to the growing field–chocking Washington and the States by growing taller–blocking their sunlight. Good Stuff. I had five choices for a Saturday night at 6 and wound up going to the nearest dispensary, which is only a two minute drive or ten minute walk.

    Wow. Plus 10% off for vets, which my wallet thanked me.

    Now the hype will one day die down and bud–weed–grass–pot, won’t be as fun or thrilling. When I go walking out in the woods, the need to hide it was a great high elevator (thrill seeker), with bud being medical and nearly or over 150,000 card holders in one year, the thrill is reduced.

    A large chunk of the weed culture will die–the part that has to buy from dealers . . . much of Cheech and Chong–weed movies had to deal with the illicit market of some sort and how the weed man was typically not violent or rich, but an herb man, or party man. Drug dealers used weed as a steping stone for getting cash and street credit for some powder, now that will be a bit harder, and the drug war will get more violent since legal cannabis deals will not ONLY take money from the dealers/cartels, but dwindle a whole load of good dealers by replacing them with less street smarts and customer skills (like when your dope man used to sell weed in high school or Jr. High) . . . snitches will spread, so use protection. I stay cannabis, no booze and maybe do a little mushroom, but not since 2008.

    Happy Cannabis day Couch

    • darkcycle says:

      Congratulations, Mouthy. Medical weed hasn’t completely killed the dealer man. He is still out there….under a medical framework it’s just harder is all. Legal is more damaging, but still hasn’t eliminated the black market completely.

    • Hope says:

      Mouthy, surely the lost “Thrill” of having to be all inclandestine is happily replaceable with the thrill and joy of liberty and freedom. Liberty and freedom at last! Congratulations, Man!

    • Mouthy says:

      Thank You Hope and Darkcycle. Yes, the freedom is better. Strange thing happened: as soon as I got my card, I received three customers who needed their lawns mowed (and I don’t mow lawns, unless its mine or the in-laws) and walked away with my medicine money. One of which now needs me every week.

  3. hippiegeezer says:

    Harry and Meghan have moved out of their palatial apartment next door to William and Kate. Perhaps the smell of weed wafting across the hallway was too much for the rather more straight-laced Wills and Kate? It’s tough at the top if you’re a stoner.

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