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Desisting DEA Deferrals and Delays

One thing we’ve seen for decades is that the DEA handles any challenges to its authority over marijuana by delaying, sometimes for many years (particularly with scheduling challenges). And they’d get away with it pretty much all the time. That … Continue reading

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Wild Songbirds Clarify Cannabis’ Effects

Dopamine receptors can be quantified using PET scans. For cannabis researchers this is tremendous news. A pair of studies demonstrate how stressful environments decrease the dopamine receptors of songbirds, while the other clarifies marijuana’s effects on dopamine release, PTSD and … Continue reading

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Florida Cop Planted Drugs in Vehicles

Governments can employ drug wars for superficial purposes. Sometimes it’s to provide plausible denials for committing human rights crimes against minorities, or even political opponents. Several events in Florida and Russia illustrate the continuing problem of drug war human rights … Continue reading

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How things have changed

Hearing tomorrow in the United States House Committee on the Judiciary: Marijuana Laws in America: Racial Justice and the Need for Reform Having a really hard time even wrapping my head around that concept, when I think back to what … Continue reading

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