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Plan Colombia is a Fraud

Prohibitionists make themselves useful to governments by enabling drug geopolitics to influence weaker governments and cultures on behalf of more aggressive and dominating groups. Illustrating the tactic, human rights activist John Lindsey-Poland, author of Plan Colombia, U.S. Ally Atrocities and … Continue reading

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The latest addition to the Democratic field may be the worst

Joe Biden threw his hat in the ring today, and Kyle Jaeger at Marijuana Moment has done an outstanding job of detailing Biden’s history of positions with regard to marijuana and drug policy. Where Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Stands On … Continue reading

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Drug War Increases Teen Delinquency

Despite reports in recent years that teen delinquency has been on the decline, stop-and-frisks in New York City and similar police encounters in US drug enforcement operations appear to partly counter the reductions. Publishing in the Proceedings of the National … Continue reading

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Acetaminophen crisis bigger than opioid epidemic?

Acetaminophen, the main active ingredient in certain non-NSAID pain medications, available to adults and children without a prescription in neighborhood stores throughout the United States, is suspected by Ohio University researchers of causing its users to experience an acute psychological … Continue reading

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Surprise! The war on drugs doesn’t work

The United States’ ‘War on Drugs’ Really Did Make Things Worse, New Research Finds After five decades of intense and expensive policing, the United States’ so-called ‘war on drugs’ has only created a bigger problem, a new study has found. … Continue reading

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More mail

Hi there I was looking for content on pets recently when I stumbled on Good stuff! Everything is really well written and laid out! Did you know that almost half of all pet owners share a bed with their … Continue reading

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