Drug War Increases Teen Delinquency

Despite reports in recent years that teen delinquency has been on the decline, stop-and-frisks in New York City and similar police encounters in US drug enforcement operations appear to partly counter the reductions.

Publishing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, lead author Juan Del Toro explains the significance of his research team’s results:

April 8, 2018 — Four waves of longitudinal survey data demonstrate that contact with law enforcement predicts increases in black and Latino adolescents’ self-reported criminal behaviors 6, 12, and 18 months later. These results are partially mediated by psychological distress. The younger boys are when stopped for the first time, the stronger these relationships. Boys’ race and prior engagement in delinquent behaviors did not moderate the effect. These findings fill a gap in the research literature on labeling, life course, general strain, and deterrence theories. To our knowledge, the relationships among police contact, psychological strain, and subsequent criminal behavior for young boys had not been tested quantitatively before. These findings raise policy questions about the influence of proactive policing on the trajectory of children.

Teenage resentment increases with their treatment as criminals, irrespective of skin color. A similar resentment suffered by adults can spark a revolution, as it did in 1776 in relation to British Writs of Assistance. The good news is that in states with legal cannabis, police searches drop dramatically. A drop in delinquent behaviors can be expected to follow.

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  1. Mr_Alex says:



    Cannabis and autism: An informal update 2019

    It’s a firstline treatment for all patients on the spectrum, there’s no medical justification for starting with psychotropic meds

    I have now had the privilege to treat over 500 autistic kids with medical cannabis in Israel. This report is meant to support this treatment by documenting a more extensive experience than the original 100 cases I reported on a year and a half ago.

    The results continue to be rather consistent. As I reported earlier, about 60% of children respond well to an oil that is 20:1:: CBD:THC. Another 15-20% need a higher proportion of THC, often more THC than CBD. The last 20% or so remain somewhat enigmatic; at times a change of strains makes a big difference, sometimes we admit have to admit treatment failure.

    I try to make the treatment as systematic as possible, despite our ignorance regarding more of the compounds in the cannabis plants we use. I try to get an optimal effect of the appropriate oil (60% of the time the CBD rich oil, 20% of the time the THC rich oil) in the morning dose by increasing by a drop every few days until increase yields no improvement. Then I try to “fine tune” the CBD:THC ration with the other oil in the same way until optimal effect is reached. Then I see how long the dose lasts and add one or more additional doses during the day until a good result over the entire day and good sleep is achieved. This trial and error takes about a month.

    My experience suggests that this systematic approach creates the most reliable results. There are others whose experience leads them to “guess” when to add the THC oil to the CBD oil, or when to add additional doses, but I find when I reevaluate the treatments at the annual license renewal that oftentimes a less than optimal result has been achieved. There is no data-based way to study this.

    When the first approach is not effective, I then systematically attempt to try other strains and about half the time this yields good results. Therefore at least 10% of the children in my experience require access to a variety of full strains in order to achieve treatment goals. I can state unequivocally that I have personally witness children who respond entirely differently to different strains whose CBD:THC ratio is identical.

    Excellent results are attained along the full range of the autistic spectrum. Most studies for some reason favor looking at low-function children with violent outbursts. My experience show that high-functioning children respond extremely well, with an increased sharpness in their listening, presence, precision of language and more appropriate responses to humor. They feel much better as human beings and more secure in social settings. Many of these children are able to recognize the improvement as an improved connectivity between resting and executive brain states that I had suggested in an earlier communication. I have treated several dozen very young children, less than 4 years of age, with results as encouraging as those for the older children.

    I have seen almost no side effects to this treatment. Some rare children (about 3-4 out of 500) whose sphincter control was borderline lost control (3 of bladder, one of both bladder and rectum) temporarily. The regression was reversed when the particular oil was discontinued. No one became addicted and there were absolutely no outbreaks of anything like psychosis due to cannabis treatment.

    It is very impressive to see just how many children are able to discontinue other psychotropic medication once they stabilize on cannabis. I would estimate about three-quarters of children on medications are able to discontinue and feel better for doing such.

    Two areas remain less clear. One is the exacerbation of seemingly obsessional behaviors that comes together with improvement of other areas such as explosive expressions of frustration. My preliminary view is that this is likely to be temporary and be a result of heightened presence and awareness. AT times I have added St. John’s Wort with occasional success. This is an area for more study.

    The second area is that of attention. In Israel many overactive autistic children are given the additional diagnosis of ADHD, something I feel to be rather unscientific. In my experience 80-90% of the treatments with stimulants are either unsuccessful or deleterious. However, the results of cannabis ion attention are less reliable than in other areas. I would estimate that perhaps half of the children become more attentive. This issue may involve the way the school setting interacts with the cannabis treatments. It is another are for more systematic study.

    This very form of this communication documents the need for differential research in this field. So far published reports do not distinguish characteristics of the children, and correlation with doses and strains. This is an obvious desideratum. I am grateful to TOI for the use of this blog to communicate with the community of families and physicians who are nearly starved for information and can get little guidance from published studies to date.

    I would like to propose a series of First Principles for Clinical Practice based on my experience:

    1.Medical Cannabis belongs in the first line of treatment for autistic children. This includes low function, high function and very young children. The treatment is virtually harmless and provides a substantial relief and improvement in quality of life for a large majority of suffering children and families for whom other treatments are substantially less effective and much more toxic.

    2. It is unconscionable for a physician treating autism in 2019 to remain ignorant of the beneficial effects of medical cannabis on autism. Such is the situation in Israel, where the official physician for a school or residence for autistic children takes no interest or responsibility for exploring the place of cannabis in the therapeutic regimen. One such facility even requested that I become the cannabis consultant in parallel to the official physician. My response was to put in writing in Hebrew all that I have learned and offered to train all of the physicians working for the association of parents of autistic children at no cost, but there was no response to my offer. In 2019 I think that a physician who “waits for hard evidence” is delinquent in the oath not to withhold potentially effective agents to patients. Just one doctor’s opinion, to be sure.

    3. There is absolutely no medical justification for withholding cannabis treatment for autistic children and requiring that other agents be used first.

    4.There is no justification for withholding cannabis treatment from young children.

    5. The treatment with cannabis oils is benign enough to not require medical approval or supervision. The experience in Israel suggests that medical supervision creates unnecessary obstacles to optimal treatment. For example, the IMCA will arbitrarily grant or not grant a license for a child who for example has not “completed a course of conventional treatment” (which does not exist), or limits the dose over-ruling the treating physician’s determination, without examining the patient or assuming responsibility for the treatment. These are egregious violations of accepted medical practice in all areas other than cannabis. The simple fact is that parents are more than capable of using medical cannabis, they can consult with physicians or others, they will do no harm, and there is overall much more harm done to patients by arbitrary oversight. In short, medical cannabis for autistic children will be vastly improved by legalization of cannabis.

    6. Despite the legalization of pure CBD oil (practically everywhere except Israel), autistic children require a balance of CBD and THC and pure CBD is unlikely to provide optimal treatment.

    7. It is crucial that autistic children have access to a variety of different whole plant strains. While it is not possible to specify which strains affect which children, I can state as an observed fact that some children respond differentially to different strains despite a similarity in CBD:THC ratios. The proposed “reform” of medical cannabis which proposes to mix strains according to CBD and THC alone will harm autistic children and I suspect will harm a great many other medical cannabis patients. It is hoped that this proposed reform will either be cancelled or deemed illegal. I admit to composing an expert opinion against it.

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    • DdC says:

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      The Untied State of Anemica

      They eat away the EPA,
      Squash OSHA like a bug.
      The FDA subsidiary of Fat Pharms Profits.
      A Cabinet of fine fiberboard & formaldehyde.
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      The votes are counted by the Winners.
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      The courts stacked by a GOPerverted Turtle.

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      Mushroom Cloud Hors d’oeuvres and Yellow Cake dessert.

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      Gawd Bless America, Wherever She Is.

      Pro Life My Ass
      Not even anti abortionists…


      Ganja Mothers, Ganja Babies
      Mothers who used marijuana showed better physiological stability at 1 month and required less examiner facilitation.

  5. primus says:

    Some of us are Canabians. Can’t we just get a bong with yous?

  6. NIH funds study in four states to reduce opioid related deaths by 40 percent over three years https://tinyurl.com/yy63699f

    … “This ambitious study aims to reduce overdose deaths by 40 percent over three years in selected communities by testing a set of proven prevention and treatment interventions, such as distribution of naloxone to reverse overdose and linking individuals in the criminal justice system with treatment for opioid addiction.” …

    As long we have the criminal justice system involved we are mixing the problem with the solution.

    How about the help by itself?

    Prohibition doesn’t work. NIH? Wake up. Or is prohibition in your backpack too? Big money for someone from the junkies poor asses.

    • It’s the spigot into the criminal justice system that needs to be shut off. That is prohibition. Yes, this NIH $$ goes in a good direction, but it’s like trying to clean up the mess while the mess is still in progress.

  7. DdC says:

    Chicago’s April 20 Marijuana Fest Surging
    Corporate America has latched onto the 420 celebrations in various ways, sometimes by using April 20 as a day to promote or launch snack foods that stoners with the munchies might crave. Last year, Burger King brought back its spicy chicken nuggets on 4/20, and Lyft offered $4.20 discounts. Conagra, the Chicago-based company behind brands like Healthy Choice and Slim Jims, is launching a special flavor of its Andy Capp’s crunchy snacks for 4/20 this year called “fully baked” Hot Munchies.

    In Illinois’ growing marijuana industry, 4/20 is a way to get pot brands front and center with a new set of potential consumers, while educating people on local laws and products. Marijuana is still only legal in Illinois through the state’s medical cannabis program. Local growers plan new product rollouts on Saturday, and dispensaries will be offering discounts.

    Medical Cannabis Expansions Introduced to Illinois House
    A proposal in Illinois would make the state’s medical cannabis program permanent and add 12 new conditions to the state’s qualifying conditions list.

    Should Illinois legalize marijuana? Not so fast
    We worry that our leaders smell money and will hurry to grab it. The state of Colorado took in nearly $267 million last year from marijuana taxes and fees. Colorado has about half the population of Illinois, so it’s safe to assume the annual take here would be about twice as large — something like $530 million.

  8. darkcycle says:

    Happy Bicycle day, couch mates. Won’t be riding today, my bicycle supply is used up for the moment, but looking, looking, looking. Cheers.

    • DdC says:

      Happy Bicycle Day

      The unofficial holiday amongst psychonauts celebrated worldwide, returns to SF for another epic trip down the rabbit hole.
      Fri, April 19, 2019, 8:00 PM –
      Sat, April 20, 2019, 3:30 AM PDT

  9. DdC says:

    Happy 420

    Leafly’s 2019 Guide to 4/20 Pickup Deals

    The Best 4/20 Events in America 2019

    8 Ways to Celebrate 4/20 if Cannabis Is Illegal Where You Live

    The Long, Strange History of 4/20, the Global Cannabis Holiday

    Once-counterculture 420 cannabis holiday goes mainstream

    What Does 4/20 Mean to You? We Asked 12 Cannabis Leaders

    Alan Brochstein of 420 Investor Speaks About Investing in Cannabis Stocks

    #FindYour420! Choose your adventure

    The Best 4/20 Online Deals on Cannabis Accessories in 2019

    Archived 4/20 @ 4:20

  10. WalStMonky says:


    I’m just tickled pink that the Canadian big cap licensed producers are not going to abandon medicinal cannabis. I must admit that I’m rather surprised that they’ve indicated that they’re taking the medicinal applications seriously, and the size of the pile of money they’re willing to spend in the pursuit.

    The sycophants of prohibition claimed that medical was a ruse to get it legal, and that medical would be promptly forgotten subsequent to re-legalization. Well guess what? Francis’ Law is still in force.

  11. darkcycle says:

    Happy 4/20 all.

  12. Happy 4/20 to everyone!

  13. Tony Aroma says:

    Someone should explain to this guy what being non-water soluble means.
    Lost in marijuana debate: Its impact on water quality

    We need to better understand how the chemical makeup of marijuana is affected as it goes into our treatment systems and back into the environment as effluent.

    • DdC says:

      mho – Antibiotics from Wendy’s cows are a problem. Same as Methadone & Iopamidol, they’re human white powder fabrications potentially causing problems. Ganja’s non soluble in water so no one has ever shot it up, as prohibs have suggested. Metabolites won’t get you high or DEA pisstasters would be stoned.

      It’s biodegradable and only harmful as would be too much of any vegetation dumped into a water way. There is a potential problem of dumping stalks and leaves into streams. Still a few desperado’s using pesticides. This fear mongering stems from ignorance I do believe.

      Idiot wind. Blowing every time prohibits move their mouths. Blowing down the back roads headin’ south. Idiot wind. Blowing every time they move their teeth. They’re idiots, babe. It’s a wonder that they still know how to breathe.

  14. DdC says:

    Prevalence, Benefits, and Adverse Effects
    of Cannabis Use in Parkinson’s Patients

    Outcomes of Patients with Cancer
    Related Pain Who Use Cannabis:
    Trends and Data from the Nationwide
    Inpatient Sample Database

    Multiple Sclerosis and Use of Medical Cannabis:
    A Retrospective Review Evaluating Symptom Outcomes

    ‘Bigger fish to fry’:
    Decriminalizing minor marijuana
    possession could reduce crime

    Marijuana Legalization Not Linked To
    Increased Traffic Deaths, Study Finds

    CNN starts cannabusiness coverage, hires Wallace

  15. Mouthy says:

    Am I getting this right. President Dorito of the Philippines is going to war with Canada? I wonder if his Army will follow him. Hopefully they’ll see him as the mercury addicted tyrant that he is.

    And by the way: The weed in Oklahoma is just fine. Edibles, vapes, wax, live resin, soda pop, creams. I think some places have hash. Shops to the left and shops to the right. Meth, opiates, and booze only need to fear. And it should help bolster more exercise and outdoor events. And it should help to demystify it for the youth, thinking back to ‘Dazed and Confused’, ‘Cheech and Chong’, ‘Half Baked’, ‘Friday’ and all the music surrounded by the culture that had to hunker down and weather the storm. Half of weeds fun was the fact we could get the hookup as kids, which offered us other dealers and drugs. I guess kids will have to read dangerous books if they want to rebel.

    • DdC says:

      You’ve come a hell of a long way baby…

      Will Foster 93 Years For Cannabis

      Will Foster, who just completed the first of an assigned 93years in prison. Or maybe the tale is told by a bloated left pinky. You couldn’t call it a little finger. It’s huge. It has the swerve of a highway off-ramp.

      The detour that has become of this man’s life centers around a crime he admits to committing. He says he smoked marijuana because of arthritis pain in a bum ankle and his left hand.

      For this offense, the 39-year-old is paying an incomprehensible price. He’s at the Mansfield Law Enforcement Center, which contracts to house Oklahoma prisoners. In 1996 Foster was convicted of five drug counts in Tulsa, all revolving around the plants he was growing in an underground backyard shelter.

      Foster says he had 38 marijuana plants. He said he was growing them to be harvested in rotation — each harvest to yield about 12 ounces.

      Prosecuters asserted that he had between 50 and 70 plants and that he meant to distribute. A Tulsa jury sentenced him to a little over a year per plant, 70 years for cultivation. It tacked on 20 years for possession in the presence of minors, his children. Foster asserts they never knew.

      The sentence “certainly falls within the realm of punishment within Oklahoma law and I think it’s a fair verdict,” said Tulsa County assistant District Attorney Brian Crain.

      For a first-time offender, owner of a successful computer consulting business, honorably discharged from the Army, it would have seemed a plea-bargain was in order for Foster. The only problem was that police had arrested Foster’s wife, too, charging her with complicity. She was offered probation if she consented to testify against her husband.

      James Geddes/90 years for 5 plants

      In 1992, James Geddes was walking along a street with a friend when he got arrested. The police got a search warrant and went to the home rented by his friend. They found a small amount of marijuana, paraphernalia for smoking marijuana, and five plants growing in their vegetable garden.

      There was no evidence that James lived at this house, although he was a frequent visitor. He refused to plea bargain as he claimed his innocence and was sentenced to 75 years and one day for cultivation of five plants and to another 75 years, plus one day for possession of marijuana. He was also charged with possession of a firearm and paraphernalia. James filed an appeal on his sentence. In 1995, his appeal came through, which reduced it to 90 years.

      “I honestly feel like I have been kidnapped by the state of Oklahoma.

      UPDATE: Released July 28, 2003 after more than 11 years behind bars

  16. Trump addresses Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit in Atlanta https://youtu.be/yyxEY4qjNfg

    Well,sounds like same old,same old. More money to drug war. … Great dogs, great dogs (you have to listen).

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