Dear Potheads

For your entertainment.. this out-of-control video by Bryan Silva.

If you can’t view the embedded video, here’s the link to the Facebook video page.

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23 Responses to Dear Potheads

  1. primus says:

    Is this a parody? It appears too ridiculous to be serious. If anything, he summarizes the prohibidiots mindset perfectly. The more of this we see, the better. People will be turned off by such, and see the logic of liberty. He seems to have a nasty smoker’s cough. This lends credence to the parody hypothesis.

  2. sangriaItAin't says:

    It’s official: Fat ginger morons don’t have souls!

  3. Tony Aroma says:

    Where’s the link?

  4. viggoPiggsko says:

    Oh dear, If I could recommend something it would be my own special “Viking” strain, it does wonders to reduces anger and such.

  5. Frank W. says:

    Fat, unemployable and ranting…I like the cut of his jib!

  6. DdC says:

    On this raging loonies FB are links to another dork with the same name. They look like two different people. Maybe the hothead wants to be a web star. Another graduate of Kevies school of fools.

    More Videos by Bryan Silva

    Bryan Silva GRATATA

    Vine Sensation Bryan Silva Gunned Down Outside Projects …
    But this was, of course, a hoax and he has posted on Vine many times since. Which means you can expect plenty more of this.

  7. DdC says:

    Too late, we’re taking over…

    Cannabis Infused Beer

    Cannabis Infused Wine

    The Next Hot Ingredient in Cocktails: Cannabis

    Legal Brand Cannabis Infused Sodas and Cold Brews

    Is Ben and Jerry’s cooking up marijuana-infused ice cream?
    Alas, pot fans, Cohen and Greenfield no longer control the company. They sold it to Unilever Inc. for $326 million in 2000.

  8. Servetus says:

    We know what sets Bryan Silva off now. Since he’s expressed an interest, a few more gift bongs in the mail should rupture a blood vessel in his head.

    Bryan Silva: bonged to death. R.I.P.

  9. kaptinemo says:

    I did say that the more ground they lost, the crazier they’d get. This just proves the crazy has trickled down to the whale-manure level of the prohib food chain.

    Like pustules full of infected matter, the innate insanity of prohibs as well as prohibition itself is being given public (as the medics used to say) ‘expression’. It’s being squeezed out by the increasing public scrutiny of the excesses of the DrugWar that have led to gross abuses of rights and liberties, not to mention extrajudicial killings.

    Step back, though; you don’t want any of that on you. (Points to prohib’s head.) See, it’s under pressure and highly toxic. All that rotten, festering propaganda inside makes for mental gangrene. Stinks really bad when it pops…

  10. pricknick says:

    Amazing how similar it is to those who would deny two loved ones to marry.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I read a comment from a guy who railed about State and authorities refusing to enforce Federal drugs and or immigration laws and then excoriating the people who did or at least approved of putting the Kentucky clerk in jail for refusing to issue wedding licenses to gay people claiming that it violated her religious beliefs. Go figure that one out.

      Did you know that it wasn’t until Y2K that Alabama became the last State to discard its anti-miscegenation laws?

  11. Duncan20903 says:


    Well that video is really helpful to me. I’ve been at a loss ever since I learned that they’ve quit manufacturing and selling syrup of ipecac. Now it isn’t often that I have an urgent need to induce vomiting but as I’m sure everyone knows the need does arise from time to time. Almost all of the ipecac I’ve ever bought was discarded unused at the expiration date. I viewed the expense as I do the cost of insurance. My preference is that at the end of the policy that I’ve gotten nothing from the money spent. In particular my life insurance policies and even more so my wife’s policies. So I’m sure that you can imagine my shock and horror when my last batch of ipecac reached it’s expiry and I found that there isn’t any more to be had for love or money.

    Well, the man in the video is obviously suffering. There’s no doubt that poor man has a belly full of bile. I do think that it’s sad to see. Sure, it would help but I don’t think he needs cannabis. If those idiots hadn’t quit making ipecac I might even have sent him a bottle. But at least there’s some good that can come of his misery. I might just feel compelled to send a thank you note to that man.

    • darkcycle says:

      Duncan old man, a cupful of warm water with 1/8 cup of salt dissolved in it will do the trick very nicely. Not as immediate as ipecac, but it is a damned effective purgative. And it comes without the trauma and nasty aftertaste associated with prohibitionist rants. Hope that helps, buddy.

  12. Duncan20903 says:


    Well leave it to my chum darkcycle to spoil a perfectly valid piece of metaphorical snark with the facts! 🙂

    As a general rule of thumb I don’t comment on spelling mistakes in Internet comments columns but I think you’ve misspelled rats in your post above. Here, I’ll fixit:

    …..the trauma and nasty aftertaste associated with prohibitionist rats.

    Hey I’m wondering, don’t rats leap off of a sinking ship just before any of the sinking ship’s seamen realize that they might very well be going to visit Davy Jones locker?

  13. DdC says:

    Veteran Allowed to Self-Medicate While Working for Feds at VA Hospital
    New Jersey sure isn’t Florida, but this Navy Veteran definitely knows how to firmly stand his ground. What happened here proves a huge advancement concerning the government’s perception of cannabis use and employee rights, especially in the federal workplace. During his year-long temporary appointment with the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in New Jersey from 2013-2014,

  14. DdC says:

    Deer devour hemp crops at southern Oregon farm
    The deer got by barbed-wire fencing a couple weeks ago and went through the hemp plants like high-powered mowers, the Grants Pass Daily Courier reported

    “Generally, I don’t think they like cannabis. They liked ours, though,” said Cliff Thomason, a real estate agent who is the steward of the first industrial hemp crop in Oregon, which was planted near Murphy by Thomason and his partners with Orhempco.

    D.E.A.R. Devour Hemp Crops southern Oregon farm..

    Drug Enforcement Administration Robots

    Latest D.E.A.R. model named blitzen.jpg

  15. CJ says:

    WHOA WHOA who the F#** is this @sshole ?! LOL ! you guys know what hes getting in the mail now… courtesy of me. i can tell he needs it BAD

  16. CJ says:

    AND hes not even got the sickness & he needs it worse than me (who is sick at the moment unfortunately). woah!

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