House votes to protect some state marijuana laws

The House voted on a number of amendments yesterday regarding marijuana and the states. This is another sign of how far we’ve come. Reform in the federal legislature is generally the slowest.

Tom Angell from Marijuana Majority sent me some details on the votes:

  • The one to protect state medical marijuana laws — sponsored by Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Sam Farr (D-CA) — passed by a vote of 242-186. (A huge jump from last year, when we won 219-189.)
  • The one to protect all state marijuana laws, including full legalization — sponsored by Reps. Tom McClintock (R-CA) and Jared Polis (D-CO) — narrowly lost by a vote of 206-222.
  • The one to protect state industrial hemp laws — sponsored by Reps. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) — passed by a vote of 282-146. (A significant jump in support from last year’s vote of 235-170.)
  • The one to protect limited state laws allowing use of CBD oil by children suffering from severe seizure disorders — sponsored by Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) — passed by a vote of 297-130.

Tom says:

“Now that the House has gone on record with strong bipartisan votes for two years in a row to oppose using federal funds to interfere with state medical marijuana laws, it’s time for Congress to take up comprehensive legislation to actually change federal law. That’s what a growing majority of Americans wants, and these votes show that lawmakers are on board as well. Congress clearly wants to stop the the Justice Department from spending money to impose failed marijuana prohibition policies onto states, so there’s absolutely no reason those policies themselves should remain on the lawbooks any longer.”

The House also passed (by voice vote), several amendments that would take $23 million from the DEA and put it toward other needs.

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  1. Mr_Alex says:

    GAME OVER Prohibitionists, Pac man is coming for you

  2. claygooding says:

    They keep wandering around in the bushes like a bunch of lost rabbits looking for a carrot,,,any idea how much money is flowing in DC right now,,,no wonder they don’t realize or care that America is still in a near depression era..

    And the DOJ’s answer to the banks that caused our economic collapse,,,fines.

    Still people going to jail for smelling like pot.

    If the DEA is to quit spending funds in states where MMJ is legal does that mean that the federal grants will be impacted?

    States should have to fund those drug raids on dispensaries in the legal states.

    • kaptinemo says:

      I expect Fed grants to be doubled. Right now, I say that ONDCP is acting as the clearinghouse, dispersing them, and Kevvie is the ‘bagman’ bringing those taxpayer funds for all its industry-supporting astroturf groups that he is setting up for them.

      Congress is now more of a mind to honestly look into these things, and perhaps a writing campaign to have them determine if this is actually going on would be more than worth the time.

    • I agree about states funding their own raids. I also think the DEA should be required to use federal courts and systems for their participation in local drug affairs and drug busts held in conjunction with locals.

      Separate this federal stuff from locals entirely. They don’t mix. The drug war money from the feds spent on local drug enforcement is exactly what has tipped the priorities in policing on local police departments. Same problem highlighted in Baltimore lately by David Simon and Neil Franklin.

      Then there is the DEA surreptitiously tipping off local prosecution from those conversations they accidentally overheard in that federal tap.

      Feds seem to be running the show for the locals through the DEA, drug war and fed grants.

  3. kaptinemo says:

    A far cry from being compared with murderers, rapists and pederasts:

    (Im)Moral Marie Souder, before his adulterous fall:

    “I kind of hate to rain on the general consensus of enthusiasm for a free and open debate. I am one who is not particularly happy that we’re having a hearing called The Pros and Cons of Drug Legalization. I know the Chairman is very committed against — and has spent his whole career fighting illegal narcotics — but the plain truth of the matter is, while we live in a democracy, we do not have hearings called The Pros and Cons of Rape. We do not have hearings called The Pros and Cons of Child Abuse. We do not have hearings called The Pros and Cons of Racism. We do not have hearings called The Pros and Cons of Gangs.

    “And the — the thrust of this being, that somehow a — this is a libertarian argument that somehow somebody goes and smokes pot, it – that it’s a victimless crime — is just not true. Those who are advocating the legalization of marijuana are responsible for blood in my district, in my neighborhood, and families in my community.”

    “And I don’t believe they’re any less guilty than those who publicly — if we hauled a bunch of rapists in here and said, hey, why do you do it? Thousands of people do it, but we don’t invite them up here to talk about why they favor that position. Or there are millions of Americans who are racists. But we don’t openly say, explain why you’re a racist to us. Because — I don’t think it’s right.”

    Do you consider yourself to be on par with a murderer or rapist or child-molester for advocating drug law reform? Markie and his fascist prohib legislative circle-jerk thug friends did – and still do.

    “And I understand that we’re trying to be open-minded here, and that this hearing — with all due respect — has mostly people who – who share my hard-line view.

    (No sh*t, Markie, it was chock full of control freaks and fascists. And next we see Markie’s peculiar view of what democracy meant to him. – k.)

    “But at the same time, I don’t believe that there should be views of the pros of illegal activity that is taking the lives of thousands and thousands of Americans, and to give them any kind of credibility that this is a democratic debate.”

    “I understand what General McCaffrey is arguing — that, in fact, like racism at different points in American history — and in Indiana, we had the Ku Klux Klan that took over the state. I “don’t think that was particularly helpful to democracy.

    “That — I understand that some of these things, once it gets to a high level in the democracy, that there is a debate that occurs, and if we don’t counter it — we have to do that.” (Emphasis mine – k.)

    “If we don’t counter it.” he said it, I didn’t say it, he did. Congressmen like Markie think they have to stamp out debate on a subject before it gets to the point where it must be debated.

    So, there it was: Markie explaining the prohib pre-2012 delay and diffusion process, seasoned by Markie’s own prejudices, and called ‘policy’. That was how it was done back then. And some prohibs are still trying to make as if nothing had happened, 2012’s reform victories and those since then have not happened, and are still trying to empty the ocean with a bucket…as the reform tsunami edges closer to shore.

    Prohibs. Fortunately, legislatively, an ‘endangered species’.

  4. Servetus says:

    DEA lament* over $23-million in lost funding:

    ♪ You’re taking all my money

    And I guess you think it’s funny but I don’t, my my

    You always want it right now

    And you know it brings me down but I don’t, why? Why?

    Guess you think it’s funny

    That you’re taking all my money but I don’t. ♪

    *Badfinger – Rock Of All Ages Lyrics.

    • kaptinemo says:

      23M for them is chump change.

      It’s more like the late Senator Everett Dirksen said: “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon, you’re talking about real money.”

      Let’s talk some ‘real money’ and get the DEA cut by several billions. Given their scandalous deportment of late, and the political stink this has caused, that shouldn’t be too hard for some opportunistic pols in Congress to arrange…

  5. kaptinemo says:

    OT: Laugh your ass off!

    America’s Quality Pot Is Changing the Drug War:
    With weed now permitted in some form in 23 U.S. states, the flow of cannabis out of Mexico has slowed and, to a degree, reversed

    They’re importing from us, because we make it better. ‘American know-how’ at it’s best. Nothing like a little reversal in that there ‘trade deficit’, huh?

    We said it would happen, and it did. And we didn’t charge anybody 800K to scribble it on the back of an envelope.

    • Frank W. says:

      Somehow this will not show up on “Border Wars” or any other of the sleazebag cable shows. Must note I haven’t spotted Al Roker’s “DEA” program on lately.

      • kaptinemo says:

        I would think that Mr. Roker is very quietly distancing himself from his ‘friends’, now that his ‘friends’ have been reported cavorting with cartel-supplied hookers.

        “Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.”

        And if the dog is rabid? No amount of showering will remove that mad-dog foam, Mr. Roker. You are known by the company you keep.

        • thelbert says:

          maybe congredss should try to rein in the dea prostitute abuse by reducing their salaries across the board. or limiting the number of drunken orgies per year that agents may attend. if only there was some bureau of investigation that could investigate the dea or the secret service. but we know that will never happen. not for real.

        • kaptinemo says:

          We don’t have to do much; just tell Congress to download and read the archives from DEAWatch. All the racial bigotries and ethnic prejudices, misogyny, etc. you could ask for.

          Yessir, this must be that ‘new professionalism’ that SC Judge Scalia wrote about.

          Looks like the same-old, same-old corrupt, racist regime to me…

  6. בהצלחה. says:

    Under the move spearheaded by freshman MK Yinon Magal (Jewish Home party), the plant would be legal for private use, with individuals allowed to keep small amounts of cannabis and derivative products in their homes.

    “While such cooperation across the aisle is rare, cannabis appears to have a unique capacity to bridge political differences, bringing together a diverse group of MKs from a variety of parties.

    In addition to Zandberg, Shelly Yachimovich (Labor), Ofer Shelah (Yesh Atid), Yoav Kish (Likud), Jamal Zahalka (Joint [Arab] List), Merav Ben Ari (Kulanu) and Sharon Gal (Yisrael Beytenu) have signed onto the bill.

    The ultra-Orthodox parties Shas and United Torah Judaism said they would need to seek halachic approval before joining the bid. In a possible indication of a lenient approach on the matter, earlier this month UTJ head Yaakov Litzman sought state subsidies for medical marijuana.

    “This is first and foremost a social proposal meant for youngsters from lower socioeconomic backgrounds that were arrested for a grain of cannabis, spent a night in jail with crooks, and may [as a consequence] fall into the world of crime,” Magal said.”

  7. NorCalNative says:

    When you turn the speed dial of life and hit 60, doctors want to stick a camera up your ass or make you play with your poop. The idea is to help detect and prevent colon or rectal cancers.

    My doctor and I had this talk a few months ago and I said NO to both options. He responded (at my next visit) by having me sign a waiver relieving him of any responsibility in the case I developed cancer.

    Cool, EXACTLY what I would have done. EXACTLY.

    My response? Yesterday I told him it was a carefully thought out act of POLITICAL DISSENT and that I wanted that fact entered into my medical record, which he did.

    I’M PUTTING MY ASS-ON-THE-LINE FOR CANNABIS! “You-bet-your-ass” has taken on an entirely new meaning for me. Here’s the thing, If I die from this stupid shit, make sure that Servetus and Kap get some of the credit on my gravestone, will you guys do that for me?

    Those two fucks make me want to go into battle and SLAY fucking dragons. I decided to draw a line-in-the-sand, using my rectum and colon as the drawing instrument.

    I’m kidding of course (in regard to their role), but words draw me in and give me energy if they hit the right spots and those guys hit em.

    US Patent application US20130059018 Phytocannabinoids in the Treatment of Cancer was helpful in my decision making.

    Cannabis comes in many forms (from the body “endo” from plants “phyto” and synthetic versions in Frankenstein’s labs). Whole-plant cannabis extract is NOT always the best option available.

    However, according to the above mentioned patent whole-plant cannabis oil that’s rich in CBD is PREVENTATIVE AND PROPHYLACTIC for colon polys and colon aberrant crypts as well as cancer.

    Read that again. PROPHYLACIC AND PREVENTATIVE! Not something from Big Fat Pharma, but what you can get at a good cannabis dispensary carrying high-CBD products.

    And, as I told my doctor this biological drug substance (BDS) should take care of any cancerous polyps or aberrant cyrpts developing their own blood supply, (angiogenesis).

    To the brain-dead allopath’s I’m taking a great risk. To the docs not afraid to do their own damn research on the ECS they probably wouldn’t appreciate it but they would acknowledge that prophylactic and preventative is better than nothing.

    Stay tuned and we’ll see how this works out. I studied my ass off to learn this shit and I have a pretty good level of confidence. It may also be the biggest mistake of my life. I think cannabis has my back (as long as I have a supply of oil) and it’s a calculated risk worth taking if it makes ANY impression on Western medicine.

    I could be farting “cancer” into the wind, but I believe that every step we take to win this thing is one-step closer to FREEDOM!

    Kids…Don’t try this at home!

    To Servetus and Kaptinemo. I often wonder who has the bigger library at home. Do you guys know?

    Last point. For those of you getting tired of seeing my name so frequently, I agree. I’ve been stressed out by an elderly parent in and out of the hospital and I lost 13-pounds in the last two-weeks. My keyboard and this site were important therapy, so thanks for listening.

    Take care, and go outside and play.

    P.S. for those who wouldn’t normally comment or are happy “lurking?” If you want to make me feel better tell me about what kinds of birds and wildlife you might have outside your yards or windows. I’m asking nice.

    • בהצלחה. says:

      5 baby magpies

    • Crut says:

      Not a lurker, and I wish you the best with your line in the sand. It seems unusual to me, but it’s your choice.

      Only a couple squirrels outside my window right now. I do see the occasional cardinal though. I keep the blinds pulled mostly now since a chickadee committed Seppuku not too long ago trying to fly into my office. 🙁

    • thelbert says:

      i’ve got black pheobes, doves, ravens, osprey, hummingbirds, house wrens, sparrows and starlings either in or visible from my back yard. if i ride my bike five miles i can observe jack rabbits.

    • kaptinemo says:

      NorCal, please don’t think I am advocating complete abandonment of allopathy. I most certainly am not. It has it’s uses.

      As to libraries, well, I don’t really have one, save in storage. The ‘Net is my ‘library’. I will read something, it triggers a memory, and off I go, diving through the currents in the ‘Net like a virtual dolphin, looking for the supporting article or quote. I usually find it.

      In truth, we all do that.

      Being an old fart from the Age of Books, I still regard the Web as nothing short of magical. I used to spend hours in the Library of Congress in the 1980’s and ’90’s, pouring over hard to find books written by reformers, some long dead.

      Now, those and more are just a few keystrokes and a mouse-click away. Magic

      And the medium, itself, is our ally. The enemies of liberty know that. (Anybody who tries to take away my vote is an enemy of freedom, and that’s just what the Sheriff’s Association has declared themselves as being with their outrageous OK/NE lawsuit. They are fortunate to live in America; in other countries, with vastly smaller social safety nets, messing with someone’s democratic rights can get you killed.)

      A long time ago, in the 1980’s, Sci-Fi author Dr. Jerry Pournelle posited that the (newly-born) PC would spell the end of the Soviet Union, as you cannot control information on the ‘Net very easily.

      I daresay that the same process is happening now with regards to drug prohibition…and the prohibs are in the same position as Pournelle said the old Sovs were. They just can’t control the data stream, now. The ‘Net end-runs the information choke-points provided by willing accessories to their fraud and propagandizing of the American people by going around them.

      The prohibs can’t touch that. They know the Web is their Achilles Heel, which is why they tried so hard to strangle it last decade. Congress wanted to make sending or receiving information about currently-illegal drugs a felony. That’s how scared they are of this medium they don’t comprehend.

      The DrugWar points a pistol we paid for, held by our wannabe-master public servants at our own heads. The Internet is removing that pistol, slowly at first but it will end with a thud, a dropped sidearm and a broken prohib hand from refusing to relinquish that weapon. And I can’t wait to hear their howls of pain; after what they’ve put me and so many of us through, it’ll be small payback…but only the start of it.

      • NorCalNative says:

        Kap, you’re absolutely RIGHT about allopathy. I totally agree, and that’s why I’m sending my dad’s oncologist a head’s up on some conventional chemo (taxenes) that when combined with cannabis oil works BETTER than CBD-rich cannabis oil alone.

        I’m an eclectic and when cannabis stops working for ANY of my problems I have zero problem with using the stale-skills of allopathy.

        My thinking is based on the non-violent revolution tactics taught by Gene Sharp at UMASS and is just part of a developing pattern. There’s a method to my “madness.”

    • darkcycle says:

      Hoo boy…humming birds, blue jays, bald eagles, we have coyotes that howl at night and set off the neighborhood dogs. Heron and deer, and, well, damn, I am half a block away from a 10,000 acre plus migratory bird sanctuary, and right up on the bay near silver creek and the Lummi reservation. Critters-R-us.

    • Servetus says:

      Blue Jays, finches, owls, sparrows, humming birds, vultures, seagulls, brown pelicans, opossums, raccoons, skunks, deer, cougars that follow the deer down from the hillsides, and the occasional dead rat or mouse that gets delivered to my doorstep by my cats. It’s a present. I’m obligated to thank them for it.

      As for my personal library, I don’t know how many books I own. I haven’t counted them. Some are in storage because there’s no room to display them. I’m pretty sure the number totals more than a thousand. I buy and read 30-to-40 books per year.

      My book collection focuses in part on inquisition history, an avocational study I began more than 35 years ago when I noted the drug war resembled the workings of the Holy Office.

      Two years into my studies, I encountered Dr. Thomas Szasz’s book, Ceremonial Chemistry. I corresponded briefly with Dr. Szasz regarding our mutual insights into inquisitorial law enforcement being comparable to modern drug laws. My concern was that Americans were by design so unfamiliar with historical tyrannies that they would fail to see the obvious parallels that both of us encountered reading the historical works of H.C. Lea and Andrew Dickson White. So I ended up here, at Drug WarRant, as the site’s resident inquisition historian, and international human rights crime expert.

      • NorCalNative says:

        Servetus, the historical and religious context you bring to the drug war is always fascinating stuff with a great deal of relevance. I’m honored to be on the same internet real estate.

        • Servetus says:

          Thanks, NorCal. We’re all relevant here. I don’t think there’s ever been a couch and couch-mates quite like those found at Drug WarRant, the site that made it all possible.

    • free radical says:

      Many hummingbirds, a few crows, an occasional woodpecker, and now a hawk (a northern harrier). Countless other birds I can’t name. A couple squirrels.

      I am lucky enough to live in Laguna Beach, California, a bird sanctuary. I’m in Laguna Canyon, which is still fairly wild.

    • Windy says:

      We feed the birds and squirrels so we have a yard full, a Douglas squirrel that lives in a little outbuilding we call the Sheriff’s Office (looks like an old ghost town Sheriff’s Office, deliberately) and has stashed a couple year’s worth of nuts in a box of stuff our eldest son has stored here, he comes back to the feeders for more, everyday. He stands up to the Eastern Greys and the Canadian Blacks both breeds of which are twice his size, and even runs them off his spot. There are many of the greys and blacks and they are interbreeding, producing a kind of sable brown hybrid. We had one black who would come and take nuts from our hands, she was a round for a few years but we haven’t seen her since February, she either died of old age or was eaten by a predator (of which we have many — coyotes, hawks, bald eagles, neighbor’s cats, a few species of owls); when she first started coming right up to us we thought she was a male and we named her Tyrone, when she later showed up (after a time we hadn’t seen her for while), with obvious signs of motherhood (bare nipples) we changed her name to Tyra. I miss her visits, but there is a brown one that is showing signs of following in her footsteps, running toward us rather than away when we go out to fill the feeders, I decided to call her Sable.

      We also have Stellar’s Jays, Downey and Hairy Woodpeckers, Flickers, Grosbeaks, Chickadees, goldfinches, house finches, Red Wing Blackbirds (love their call), Robins, Thrushes, Towhees, and the aforementioned flying predators. One of my favorite things in the summer is sitting outside at twilight and listening to the sounds of the birds going to bed, the Robins are the last to become quiet.

      As for your “experiment”, I get it. I’ve had a colonoscopy (10? 15? years ago) and it was such an unpleasant experience I decided to not do another, my doctor keeps trying but I keep refusing. I also refuse to do mammograms (X-rays CAUSE cancer for pity’s sake, so let’s make women do these X-rays of their breasts every damn year, uh uh, no fucking way). I do however, do other things to minimize the risk, I ingest a LOT of fiber and certain supplements I’ve researched that are protectants, you should do the same (they’d be different for you, as a male and with a different metabolism). Allopathic medicine is great from sudden illnesses, injuries, certain kinds of infections, but nature also provides us with healing.

      • Windy says:

        Oh, I forgot the Mourning Doves, we have about 25 of them visit our yard to eat the stuff the other birds and squirrels let fall to the ground, and upon occasion we have a pair of Mallards and sometimes a bachelor male with them. Oh and hummers, I have three huge honeysuckle bushes among other flowering plants, shrubs, vines, and trees, so I don’t put out nectar for the hummers. A pair of Ravens, some neighborhood crows, the occasional buzzard. Sometimes coons, there were three that used to come on the porch at night and peer through the garden door (mostly glass).
        And we have deer year round and rabbit that is destroying the beans in our garden.

    • Common Science says:

      Hope you are feeling better NorCalNative. I thought everyone our age enjoyed the medically sanctioned opportunity to stick-handle our own poop. If the time comes when my ass is on the line, I will be seeking out whole plant medicine as a biased supporter in the utilization of my CB1 receptors too.

      Just up the Canadian side of the left coast (at this time of year) we see from our yard: Black-headed grosbeak, Oregon junco, red-breasted nuthatch, varied thrush, towhee, chickadees, rufous and Anna’s hummingbirds. From our bedroom we frequently hear sonics from raven and barred owl’s nests in the woods behind our house. Mule deer, black bears and raccoons are the 4 legged critters that sometimes grace our fence-less property.

  8. primus says:

    Mourning doves, starlings, jay, crow, many small songbirds I can’t identify. I live in an older part of town with huge trees, so there is lots of habitat. This time of year, the noise in the very early morning is deafening. I’m happy to accede to your request, but curious as to why you want info on what we see?

  9. zach says:

    I feel like all you guys are way smarter than me so I mostly enjoy just reading but it still seems like I know all of you well.
    @norcal I usually see blue jays and cardinals. My job has had me do some wildlife removal from campus so the past few weeks ive seen raccoons, groundhogs and snakes. The groundhogs are the coolest.

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  11. Duncan20903 says:


    This one is from the “are we mainstreaming or what?” category:
    Santa Claus Petitions North Pole to Legalize Marijuana (Seriously)

    It is a total fluff piece but that is People Magazine’s stock in trade, now isn’t it? But the point is that I can’t recall ever seeing this issue mentioned in any issue of this particular rag. But I do feel compelled to admit that I only read that rag in the doctor’s large waiting room if I’ve already read all of his waiting room issues of AARP Magazine.

    While I’m certain that everyone knows that jolly St. Nick is a workaholic as the patron saint of archers, children, coopers, sailors, fishermen, merchants, broadcasters, pharmacists, repentant thieves, brewers, pawnbrokers, and students. Did you know that he’s also the patron saint of the falsely accused?

  12. Hemp/is/coming/home says:

    “In my view, keeping the ban on growing hemp makes about as much sense as instituting a ban on portobello mushrooms,” Wyden, who introduced a hemp legalization bill earlier this year, said on the Senate floor. “There’s no reason to outlaw a product that’s perfectly safe because of what it’s related to.”

    Wyden showed senators a basket filled with products made in Oregon using industrial hemp, including protein powder derived from hemp seeds, hemp butter, hemp-based skin care products, and wood deck finish. Because of the U.S. hemp ban, raw material for those products has to be imported from countries that allow hemp cultivation.”

  13. Servetus says:

    A woman’s vibrator is being held hostage by asset forfeiture thieves in a marijuana drug raid on her home. The woman is a licensed Michigan medical marijuana patient (for MS) and a caregiver. Criminal charges have been dismissed, but the forfeiture thieves won’t give her vibrator back. She’s testified before the Michigan legislature about it (video) in opposition to state asset forfeiture laws.

    Reports are that forfeiture cops stole $24 million+ in loot and vibrators from Michiganders in 2013. Only in an American drug war is it possible for women’s vibrators to be in jeopardy, another reason to end the war. The Vatican has a long moral reach in this country via prohibition, and apparently what they want most are vibrators.

    • allan says:

      Charmie Gholson has been beating that drum steadily and is finally getting broader coverage. She is taking it to ’em and I pity those she’s drawing a bead on.

  14. DdC says:

    Jury Sends Message to Cops,
    Go Find Real Criminals, Acquits Man on Felony Pot Charges

    Pot Remains Europe’s Most Used Drug, Agency Report Says

    Cannabis Compound Helps 9-Year-Old Boy Speak for First Time

    From Under the Seed Desk:
    Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol – Public Too Drunk to Know

    What Marijuana Really Does To Your Brain
    “from a neurocognitive standpoint, the small magnitude of these effect sizes suggests that if cannabis compounds are found to have therapeutic value, they may have an acceptable margin of safety under the more limited conditions of exposure that would likely obtain in a medical setting,” the study found.

  15. FYI updated
    Where Do Presidential Candidates Stand on Marijuana?
    By Tom Angell on June 4, 2015 –

  16. jean valjean says:

    MMJ patient not guilty so the cops just keep her stuff

    “The prosecutor came out to me and said, ‘Well, I can still beat you in civil court. I can still take your stuff,’” Hency recalled, adding, “I was at a loss. I literally just sat there dumbfounded.”

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